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Newbie with huge font problems! ;-)

  • HI

    Utter newbie to the MM project here, and a relative newbie to R.pi.

    I’m having problems with my mirror as no matter what size or resolution screen I connect to i get very large font sizes. Even though the on=screen modules display correctly in their relative positions (ie top left) the fact the fonts are so large means that everything overlaps.

    I presumed there would be something in a config file somewhere to force a higher resolution or a smaller font size? I am running the pi using this sites instructions to run on start up etc.

    Am i barking up the wrong tree?

    for the record when i run the pi to a monitor for the GUI desktop or the command line, or i connect to the pi through PuTTy or VNC the resolutions are fine. I have this size problem only when using MM, both on a directly connected monitor and also connected via VNC.

    Help appreciated



  • hi, nobody with a coment or suggestion at all? i’m really at my wits end with this 😢

  • @Brandlin said in Newbie with huge font problems! 😉:


    Go to the github site and download the css and put it in your dir… something is obviously conflicting with it.

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    Also, you can change the resolution on the Pi in "Preferences/Raspberry Pi Configuration.

    Key commands while the mirror is running:

    zoom in = Ctrl + Shift + =
    zoom out = Ctrl + -
    default size = Ctrl + 0 (that’s a zero)

  • @cowboysdude - i’m running the css from github.

    @mykle1 - i thought this couldnt be the native resolution of the pi as the desktop displays correctly. using ctrl + - i can zoom out to a usable scale THANK YOU. however this seems a bit of a fiddle/workaround as if i stop the mm the desktop is now tiny. I think this will work, but i’d love to know whats different in my set up to other’s


  • Well hey feel to ask for help and then totally ignore all suggestions…that’ll fix it.

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    @Brandlin said in Newbie with huge font problems! 😉:

    i’d love to know whats different in my set up to other’s

    That could take you a very long time. There are very few setups that are exactly alike and it’s impossible to know what each user has changed or done differently. You might want to consider a fresh installation of Raspian Jessie and MM without deviating from the tutorial here. At the very least, a fresh install of MM, which doesn’t take very long. Get a default install up and running. If the issue persists, then it’s likely hardware related

  • @cowboysdude - not ignoring anything, i’m grateful for the help and said thanks. i tried your suggestion and downloaded the css, its exactly the same as the original version, so made no difference. thats not ignoring you.

    @mykle - i’m running on a pi 2 with a newly formatted sd card with raspian stretch. the only think i’ve downloaded and installed has been following the tutorials here. hence my pondering on the differences as it doesnt sound like others have a similar issue. i have a pi zero kicking around, i might try it on there too see if i can replicate

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    You might want to consider Jessie as opposed to Stretch. I had troubles with Stretch myself.

    i have a pi zero kicking around, i might try it on there too see if i can replicate

    The install on a Pi zero is different. There’s a bunch of threads relating to that.