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Present my MagicMirror

  • Hello,
    Here are some pictures of my magic mirror that I installed in my laundry.
    I especially thank Mykle 1 and everyone in the forum for their help.
    I made the wooden frame myself. I ordered the mirror in the US. Very difficult to find in France.
    I would like to upgrade my mirror by installing the present module (if you could advise me).
    Thank you also for your new ideas.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @greda said in Present my MagicMirror:

    I especially thank Mykle 1

    You are especially welcome!

    You now have the coolest laundry, ever! 🙂

    Nice job!

  • Nice job! 🙂

    I am also living in France. Where did you order your mirror in US please?
    What kind of mirror did you order? Are you satisfied? Did you compare different types of mirrors before to order?

    Thank you.

  • @Alex

    I ordered this window on Amazon (Supreme Tech
    12 “x 12” Acrylic See-Through Mirror). It is a good product but I advise to choose a glass mirror instead of acrylic. I bought in China via Alibaba a mirror if you want more information, you do not hesitate.

  • Module Developer

    Good job!
    I bought a custom glass mirror from a local shop in Rennes (France). It’s very good looking but also very expensive (95€ for about the same size as yours).

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