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    An enhancement to MMM-voice

    Hide/Show all, individual, or pages of modules, using voice commands. (With sound)

    This enhancement would not be possible without the fine work of Strawberry’s MMM-voice.

    I started this for my own personal use and satisfaction. I wanted to prove to myself
    that I could learn how to add the enhancements that I wanted to implement. With each
    success my desire for other enhancements grew. So, what began as just wanting to hide
    and show all modules progressed into individual module commands. Then, the ability to
    trigger custom sound files. From there, the pages idea took over. I posted a few videos
    of my progress on my “Show Your Mirror” page. The large amount of messages I received from
    those videos urged me to make this available. I take no credit for MMM-voice. I simply
    wanted to learn how to enhance it to work in this fashion and to give some instructions
    on how to use it with any module to those users that asked me for it.


    A screenshot won’t really do here. You should watch and listen. Makes more sense.



    Version 1.0.0

  • I am full of admiration for your work. This is a great addition to anyone who already uses or wants to use voice commands.


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    Thanks, mate. I’m just having as much fun as one old man can possibly have. When I’m not watching my grandchildren, that is. 🙂


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    Adding some things that seem relevant. I made a quick background module that will work by default with Hello-Lucy. It works as a stand alone module, as well. Anyway . . . .


  • That is really lovely 🙂

    Another suggestion could be to say “Go to standby” and it will turn off the Monitor or something like that. Just for the need to say 1 command instead of 2 or 3 commands.
    And “Wake up” will show the last used configuration.

    But anyway a wonderful addition 😃

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    That’s on my to-do list. MMM-voice has “GO TO SLEEP” and “WAKE UP” commands that work on a Pi (I think) but not on this laptop running ubuntu. So, I have some homework to do. Any suggestions?

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    @cruunnerr said in Hello-Lucy:

    Another suggestion could be to say “Go to standby” and it will turn off the Monitor or something like that.

    Ok, this is done. I’ve modified the original command “GO TO SLEEP” so that it will turn off the display of my laptop and “WAKE UP” to turn the display on. I don’t know if this will work with a monitor that is connected thru HDMI as the original commands do so I’m not updating Hello-Lucy until I can have that tested. This weekend, likely.

    Huge shout out to @Cowboysdude for directing me to the site where the code came from. Freakin Guru! 🙂

    For those that might be trying this with an external monitor connected thru HDMI, it should already work by default, without today’s changes.

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    Just tested with a desktop machine with a monitor connected through DVI and a laptop. In both cases, displays immediately were turned off (standby) and on.


  • Great job, beautiful and very practical.
    Would it be possible to adapt it to alexyak / voicecontrol module? is the voice module that I use.

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    @pepebc said in Hello-Lucy:

    Would it be possible to adapt it to alexyak / voicecontrol module?

    Probably. You’re only talking about adding send and receive notifications that trigger hide and show events. However, if i remember correctly, alexyak’s voice requires training (snowboy?) for each command. That would turn into a lot of extra work and time for you. MMM-voice requires no voice training at all and is largely the reason I chose it for the Hello-Lucy enhancement.