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Photo Board incl. MagicMirror

  • Hi all, until now I used a whiteboard in the kitchen for my personal overview for the events of the next week on a high level.
    Based on this planning I created my Info/Photo Panel with my favorite functionalities:
    • automatic/sync private calendar’s overview (my calendar for the next week, other calendars of a month base)
    • my printed pictures for my happiness (child’s, holidays, funny days…)
    • every time child’s drawing on it
    • weather forecast for the week
    • Information about current alarm Situation of the fire stations in my area
    • a magnetic table to use with chalk and non-permanent bordmarker

    Used module/functionality:

    • alert
    • calendar (ics and ICloud)
    • clock
    • compliments (time and weather based)
    • currentweather
    • weatherforecast
    • newsfeed
    • MMM-ping (basic monitoring of remote server)
    • MMM-PIR-Sensor (currently not working)

    Out of the box:
    shutdown/reboot/power on python script

    That is the result:


  • Module Developer

    Fantastic idea, combining the mirror with the magnetic panel, pictures, chalk, etc. Well done!

  • Hello schwoediauer
    nice work. How did you realize the alarm from your fire brigade (seen the alarm message on top)? I’m also a volonteer fireman. We get our alarms via a swissphone pager BOS S (digital) and can also get the text message send to a sms to the smartphone. I’m looking for an option, to get the alarm message also to the MM. Do you have an idea?
    Thanks in advance Mike

  • @garbleflux Hi, in my case it was very easy, I use the public RSS feed from our local fire department in combination with the neewsfeed module:

  • @schwoediauer
    Hi! Thank you for your hint. We use a differente alarmsoftware, so I have to look
    for the options. With RSS it’s a pretty good idea.