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How can I remove all posts saying "This topic is deleted!" ?

  • I just joined this forum and I’m met with hundreds of topics, saying:
    “This topic is deleted!”. Not cool at all.

    1. Why don’t you moderators delete these permanently?
    2. How can I delete these from my view?

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    I’m just an old dude hanging out here, not a moderator or anything important like that, but I don’t believe there is any way for you to delete those from view. Historically, once a topic is deleted there is a period of time where you will see that message. However, there does seem to be a point in which they are purged or purge themselves. Also, there really only seems to be one admin/moderator actively dealing with the spam issue and he is a working, family man, father, etc and does the best he can in the short time that he is able to be here. This issue has been discussed before. Hopefully, the powers that be will come up with a better, long term solution.


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    1. Short story: We have alot of spam. However I cannot completely delete threads, only admins can do that.
    2. I use unread or recent view, which hides deleted threads

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    @yawns said in How can I remove all posts saying “This topic is deleted!” ?:

    I use unread or recent view, which hides deleted threads

    Doh! Where the heck is that option? (Feeling really stupid)

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    Not a direct solution, but if you’re really annoyed, there are browser addons that run individual JavaScript snippets for you where you can say, for example:

    var checkHeadExist = setInterval(function() {
        if (document.querySelector('head')) {
            styleElem = document.createElement('style');
            styleElem.setAttribute('id', 'counter-styles');
            styleElem.type = 'text/css';
            styleElem.appendChild(document.createTextNode('.deleted {display: none;}'));
    }, 100); // check every 100ms

    Try it out, Chrome has a snippet tool in the developer tools, in Firefox it’s called “JS environment” if I’m not mistaken. But these only work until you reload (in Chrome, you can save them). There are addons that automatically execute them for you.

  • @Mykle1 Thanks for your quick response.

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