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MMM-Nixie – Nixie Tube Clock for your MagicMirror

  • Module Developer

    Who doesn’t like Nixie tubes?


    This module adds a Nixie tube clock to your MagicMirror. It cannot do much more than show the time, but it’s looking cool doing it. I’m considering a switch to hide all other modules during night time so at night only the soothing glow of the ticking Nixie tube clock fills the dark room.

    It’s working like the real thing with 10 layers/digits in each “tube”. You can turn of the fake glass tubes, the wires and also the inactive digits.


    If some of the digits seem brighter than others, that’s because the higher the digit, the further back it sits in the tube and so the inactive digits sit in front of it, blocking some of its brightness (not much). You can set inactive to dimm to reduce this or turn it off completely (but then it’s not a real Nixie tube anymore …).


    Nixie tube clock


    Version: 1.00

    Planned features:

    • Configurable sizes and colors.
    • Nightswitch (turn off everything else between time A and time B).

    Have fun, let me know if you have any questions, ideas, comments. Thank you.

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    Ahh, I was wondering when you were going to release this. I really think this is an excellent idea for a module. It’s unique, slylish, and pretty damn cool. 🙂 I like it a lot!

    P.S. I recently watched the movie “Capsule”. In it, there is a Nixie Tube Clock! Thought of this immediately!

  • i like this !!! THANKS

  • I really like the idea and it looks great, however as soon as I installed it and ran it on my Raspberry, the entire MM shifted to the top left hand corner… Before the picture was centred, as it should be on the monitor. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Or does anyone have an idea, on how I could fix this problem?

  • Module Developer

    I’ll look into that. What position do you use the Nixie clock on? Have you checked what happens if you move it?

  • Thank you for your reply. I have tested the following positions: bottom, bottom_bar, lower_third, middle_third, upper_third and the result was the same for every position. The picture is still too far to the left and top, even though all the modules are working perfectly fine.

    I am using the MMM-ModuleScheduler and the MMM-Carousel with Navigation in addition to other modules, however I don’t think they are part of the problem. Restarting MM or the Raspberry Pi isn’t making a difference either. As soon as I comment out the Nixie Clock, the picture is centered again. Thank you for your help in advance!

  • @doubleT How To Change Font Style,color and size
    Thanks so much

  • Module Developer

    Good looking. I would definitely use it when i wouldn’t have a real nixie clock next to it 🙂

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