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Toilet Mirror (in-wall build)

  • Finished this project a few months ago… I renovated out toilet, and wanted to make it a little more special than the normal toilets. So, when life gives you flat-screens, yep, you make Magic Mirrors.

    0_1518473019202_007 - IMG_20170627_173954 (Large).jpg

    Really loved the outcome of this project. Even my wife loves it! She told me I was losing my mind when I bought a perfectly good screen and started destroying the wall. All good now 🙂

    I’ve also got a Squeezebox client running on the same Pi, so I have network connected music playing in our toilet. Yay for elevator music while taking a dump.

    Here are some pictures of the build process :

    0_1518473003116_001 - IMG_20170609_083650 (Large).jpg

    0_1518473065437_002 - IMG_20170607_095008_1 (Large).jpg

    Making a hole in a perfectly good wall…

    0_1518473073339_003 - IMG_20170610_140424 (Large).jpg

    0_1518473099631_004 - IMG_20170611_140800 (Large).jpg

    All the cables are controllable trough my home made domotica. So the screen turns of with the lights.

    0_1518473107867_005 - IMG_20170611_180622 (Large).jpg

    0_1518473116529_006 - IMG_20170616_123838 (Large).jpg

    0_1518473181779_007 - IMG_20170627_173954 (Large).jpg

    0_1518473188554_008 - IMG_20170627_174124 (Large).jpg

  • That is just an awesome job!! And when ya make the wife happy it just a win win situation 🙂

  • Yep! It’s also linked to our shared google calendar, so it shows a nice list with the upcoming birthdays. Score!

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    Real nice work! 🙂

  • WooooooW,

    that is exactly how i want to do it in my bathroom. Looks very smart…

    love it!

  • Moderator

    Very amazing build. Looks like it was always there. I like it

  • Perfect!
    Very good job.

  • @yawns …Lots of planning went into this build because of that. Wanted it to look like an everyday modern wall-mounted mirror. When It’s turned off you can’t notice anything different about it.
    All the electronics are accessible trough a flush panel on the other side of the wall, which is just a storage space. Otherwise it would still be possible by removing the 4 screws on the mirror itself. The screen is mounted on hinges, so it flips out to service the back where the electronics are mounted.

  • Moderator

    Yes, you can see this was well planned.

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