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MMM-voice for Brits!

  • This is slightly tongue-in-cheek, but I have recently discovered that the MMM-voice module does not deal well with my accent. At all. No matter how much I want to be able to say ‘Hide’ all that is ever displayed is ‘Flights’. Therefore I would like to increase the dictionary to account for my silly accent. Does anyone have any experience with making this work? Thanks in advance!

  • @joe84maiden

    MMM-voice uses for it’s voice recognition tasks. There you will find further instructions (or it’s big brother sphinx) on how to customize it. Last time I attempted to use it I got very poor results and did not bother messing around much. it’s not trivial to set up and requires some kind of phonetic dictionary which you might be able to tweak (or in best case download an already ready to use language model).

  • Thanks for your advice! I’ve actually just been trawling through some software installs for automated Sphinx dictionary generation, all of which I have decided are needlessly complicated for MMM purposes. Instead I have now modified the dictionary within the MMM-voice folder, and added around 5 more verbal definitions for all of the key words I want, based on my accent. I would say now the recognition for key words like ‘hide’ is not far shy of 100%. This dictionary based approach, adding word where required, seems incredibly useful, and for me greatly increases the usability of the module. I had been so frustrated with the response rate from the mirror, but now am actually incredibly impressed.

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    @joe84maiden said in MMM-voice for Brits!:

    Does anyone have any experience with making this work?

    Do I assume correctly that you are using Hello-Lucy with MMM-voice? If so, what module are you referring to by “Flights?” I will install it and see what I can do for you, if you like.

    By default, the commands are two words. e.g. “HIDE CALENDAR” or “SHOW CLOCK”

  • Hi Mykle, it’s not a module but simply the vocal recognition.
    I was saying ‘hide modules’ which was being interpreted as ‘flights modules’ over and over again. I turned on the debug options on MMM-voice to try and work out why it was working so poorly, and what I discovered was simply that it couldn’t interpret what i was saying! The words displayed on the mirror were nothing like the words I was aiming for. Having altered the dictionary I’m very happy thanks! But yes, I am using your great module.

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    @joe84maiden be aware, that when you add more modules for voice recognition, the module will create a new dictionairy automatically. So all your adjustments would be lost if you don’t backup them somewhere 😉

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    Can I getta pencil? LOL

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