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Mat's mirror completed!

  • Hi all, it has taken a while for me, particularly as I was making the mirror for my wife as a surprise so keeping it under wraps in my workshop was difficult. Plus we had a baby in the meantime which really puts a stopper in workshop projects. But here it is:
    0_1475070497695_2016-09-28 20.46.20sml.jpg

    A quick run down of what I used:
    0_1475070977913_2016-09-26 21.55.34sml.jpg
    Raspberry Pi 3
    Lenovo ThinkVision LT2323p 23" - no HDMI input, but I bought a HDMI to DVI cable and it did the job nicely
    Belkin power adapter with usb power ports. Kept all of the monitor and Pi power internal.
    You may notice that the monitor is kept in place by two L-brackets - spares from building Ikea bookshelves (they’re used to stop the bookshelf being pulled over). They came in very handy!
    Velcro cable ties, Velcro dots and some double sided tape to keep everything on the back of the frame and monitor.
    Speaking of the frame, just used Pine boards, butt jointed into the frame and then topped it with oak beading for a bit of decoration. That really came up a treat!
    0_1475071376330_2016-08-30 22.04.48sml.jpg
    Painted with a water based enamel white.
    Had the glass cut to size and then used 97% mirror film for the mirror. There are tiny air bubbles in the mirror, but only if you are up close. I may redo that some time down the track
    Oh and I put it on the wall with a monitor wall stand which just slots in to attachment on the wall. As my monitor frame was quite deep, I had to do some Macgyver action with the wall plate. Utilised an offcut from my workshop tool bench frame that I made last summer.
    0_1475071346019_2016-09-26 21.55.53.jpg
    So there you have it. It was a fun project, my wife likes it and I’m ready for another challenge (although we have enough with two little ones to look after for the moment)…
    0_1475071830720_2016-09-28 20.45.02sml.jpg

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    Good job!
    I like the overall look and I really appreciate sharing detailed information and some of your experience.

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    Nice job!!!

  • top stuff mate - looks great!

  • Best one i’ve seen on here so far, glad its Aussie too

  • @zydecat74 great job! Im just wondering what type of mirror you used?

  • great job man !

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