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My first build

  • I used a Samsung t240hd , with a Chromecast 2 so it was super simple to intergrade into my smart home set up, and with ifttt pretty much anything is possible I wasn’t satisfied with the factory speakers so I used the headphone jack to run to my surround sound system I used a kasa smart plug to give me voice capability to turn mirror off and on i simply built a steel mount for the monitor used 1x4’s for the frame which I then wrapped in white leather to match my platform bed I used a picture frame that was given to me by a friend that once held his wedding photo (recently divorced lol) using the matte and existing glass I put a long piano hinge across the top so I could have access to the monitor if need be, the mirror itself is actually 2 pieces of residential mirror window tint a piece of 20 % on the inside of glass and later I added another piece of 70% to the monitor screen itself, I know it’s not perfect and probably nowhere as high-tech as some of yalls but it’s my first one and 1 month ago I’d never even heard of a smart mirror , I’m hoping to add a camera soon so I can actually video chat on it as well , I can already make calls send texts watch any YouTube video I want I’ve linked my Spotify account my netflix account and of course Google news and weather , I can’t wait to see what’s next and hope you guys enjoy ![alt text

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    Post some pictures!

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