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Weekly Calendar

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    Guess I can always fake a portrait screen. Proper alignment done.


  • @KirAsh4 That looks incredible!!

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    Thanks. Slowly working through it.Need to roll in those multi-day events … seeing some stuff from our work calendar that isn’t displaying correctly … yet. Just a matter of proper parsing and displaying …


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    Harder part is going to be adding time display to the events … or, an hourly view. Thinking of real estate again. How many arrays can I nest … 🙂

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    @KirAsh4 I’m really looking forward to this being released, it looks great and gives a better view than the default list.

    Nice work, and thanks for putting the time in

  • Wow…Awesome work, that is pretty damn close to what I was envisioning…Thank you for your work

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    The issue with taking up most of the screen is … that it’s not easily done. There are several “regions” on the screen that are constrained to a specific size so they don’t overlap others. Even on my large vertical screen, I can’t display a full 24 hour list. I’m flirting with the idea of limiting it to 12 hours (say 7am to 7pm) but that’s still stuff to just play with. As I said, this isn’t anywhere near even a test phase.

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    Writing this code is not for the faint of heart. I will put out this warning: this may or may not result in the final piece. And the reason I say this is simply because of how difficult it is to deal with the various overlays. I may end up scrapping this idea completely and go for a different solution that may or may not end up looking similar. (Yes I’m aware that the time starts at midnight … the actual element takes up the whole screen, it’s been pushed down and ‘height restricted’.)


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    And I seriously can not fathom that this thread has almost 1,000 views. Sheesh guys … you’re making me giddy. 🙂

  • Looks very Nice, but I think this will fill my Screen a bit to much.

    Maybe there is also 1 Step back and then with numbers under the title “starttime - endtime”?

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