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Scrolling rather than Carousel mode...

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    I’d love to see a new module, based on MMM-Carousel’s ideas maybe, to take a series of modules in the same position, and scroll them up. I don’t have time to learn javascript to figure this out myself, but if someone could help me, it would be wonderful.

    basically, I’d like to keep modules in Top_center in a X*Y area, and then scroll the area upwards so to catch the remaining information from the modules.

    Currently, I have 4 copies of the same module (MMM-MyScoreboard) running, each configured to show one of the 4 sports I use that module for, and a copy of MMM-NFL in the same block, rotating between panes using MMM-Carousel’s positional feature.

    The problem with this, is that MyScoreboard hides sports that is off season or no games scheduled, so currently, it’ll show a big blank area for those copies. If I could dynamically scroll the position to the end MyScoreboard, then fade out and reset to top, it would be much better, IMO.

    Anyone want to take this on for me? Thanks!

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    Have you seen how well (or badly) a Pi handles scrolling?

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    I wonder what exactly the problem is. The pi can handle videos with high quality formatting, it can handle games fluently to some degree so the Pi itself should be able to handle a scrolling element.
    Is it electron?
    Is it the javascript handling itself?
    Does anybody know?

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    @lavolp3 said in Scrolling rather than Carousel mode...:

    Is it electron?

    I would not be so bold as to say it is electron. However, electron has been the cause of high cpu usage in the past. About a year ago, and a few MM versions ago, there was a very active topic about this. As it turned out, electron was the culprit. I did quite a bit of testing versions back then, both MM and electron. I don’t have the heart to go through that again.

    As far as javascript handling is concerned, I haven’t a clue.

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    @mykle1 Actually, I have not. I assume from what I see, it’s horizontal scrolling you’re talking about. But, it’s interesting all the less.

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    This is the topic I mentioned above from a year ago about the cpu usage and stuttering transitions (and heat issue, I think). It’s a lengthy topic but it does detail the testing and the determinations that were made.

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    @mykle1 Ahh, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. The one problem I had was an issue with RTSP-Stream locking up overnight. Fixed that by switching to ffmpeg from omxplayer.

    Both boxes are currently running MMM-Carousel in positional mode.

    The smaller screen one (uses the “pi touch screen” to the screen port) has one position alternating the two weather modules, world-clock with seconds running, calendar, and RTSP-Stream running ffmpeg mode nearly flawlessly (once in a while, it’ll slow the video).

    The one I want the scrolling for uses MMM-Carousel now to switch out screens for MMM-NFL and MMM-MyScoreboard (2-3 copies so that the scoreboard don’t flow off the screen in my temporary install) - it also runs the default news app, calendar, MMM-Darksky, and the default clock.

    Neither have any problems with existing animations, smooth as silk except for the previously mentioned ffmpeg issue.

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