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Synology Docker Tutorial?

  • Anyone have tips or a tutorial on setting up MM2 in a Synology Docker?

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    @cyberphox After downloading the registry “bastilimbach/docker-magicmirror:latest”

    • Name the container “MagicMirror”
    • I prefer setting a cpu limit to have a safeguard against rouge processes
    • Limiting it to max 4 GB of RAM works fine for me
    • Activate automatic restart
    • If you like, add a link to the MagicMirror on your Synology Desktop by adding “:8080” the url provided
    • Port: Make sure, 8080 is written on both sides of the table. If port 8080 is already in use, you can use another port on the left side.
    • Volume: I have added a screenshot for the folders I am linking in from my Synology. Make sure, you finish the setup before starting MagicMirror for the first time.
      0_1542578030562_Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-18 um 22.51.40.png
    • If you use the firewall (you should!), make sure, the rule “Docker MagicMirror” is active. It should have been generated from Docker automatically.

    When everything is ready, fire up the MagicMirror Docker image and follow the instructions for a regular setup.

  • Thanks @rudibarani ! I’m gonna try and tackle it this week and appreciate your help!!!

  • I’m getting close…got the container installed and started…just need to figure out how to enter the command in shell for it to run

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