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ipwhitelist - a lot of issues... can't connect remotely ..

  • Some days now, i try to get my MM running on a Raspberry (Zero, B3A+) but without Access

    two main issues occurs…

    i can’t access remotly …

    whatever i tried in “config.js”

    this is what i tried

    var config = {
    address: “localhost”, // Address to listen on, can be:
    // - “localhost”, “”, “::1” to listen on loopback interface
    // - another specific IPv4/6 to listen on a specific interface
    // - “”, “”, “::” to listen on any interface
    // Default, when address config is left out, is “localhost”
    port: 8080,
    ipwhitelist: [],
    //ipWhitelist: ["::fff:", “::fff:”, “::fff:”, “::fff:”, “::fff:”, “”, “::ffff:”, “::1”, “”],
    //ipWhitelist: ["::ffff:", “”, “::ffff:”, “::1”], // Set [] to allow all IP addresses
    // or add a specific IPv4 of :
    // [“”, “::ffff:”, “::1”, “::ffff:”],
    // or IPv4 range of --> use CIDR format :
    // [“”, “::ffff:”, “::1”, “::ffff:”],

    for Explanation my Home LAN is addressed with 192.168.2.x…

    i have installed it with PM2

    if i start it locally with

    startx (cause “chromium-browser -Kiosk http://localhost:8080” gives an GTK-Error) and after that
    DISPLAY=:0 chromium-browser -Kiosk http://localhost:8080" it starts but give me an Warn Message that Address “localhost” is already in use …

    any Ideas…

    The last entrys for “ipwhitelist” i found were form one year ago…

    basicliy i want to start it jast locally on my Pi …

  • @big11 said in ipwhitelist - a lot of issues... can’t connect remotely ..:

    address: “localhost”,

    Try change address: “localhost” to “”

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  • @plati

    got it … thank you…

    but the ipwhitelist Parameter are not very handsome

    so i did a

    ipwhitelist: [],

    and that works…

    further i will look for the correct Syntax to grant Access for Special addresses outside my LAN…

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