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My mini magic mirror (pyramid style) build video

  • Here is my mini mirror build:

    This is on my wifes vanity and she loves it! Im using carousel, time, weather, compliments and stocks for now. This is using a pi zero but I plan on upgrading it to an Pi3 A+ soon. Thankyou all for the great forum, and for the documentation which made this fun to put together!

    Links in the video for the most part, but the critical one that I used was this:

    That one showed me how to get this running on a pi zero, and provided an image.

    Some build notes:

    • I had to do a lot of CSS hacking to get fonts the right size, then discovered that I could’ve did a ‘zoom’ setting. Wish I’d done that earlier.
    • Running a pi zero really hurts performance for some of the more ‘fun’ plugins. I am losing GPU acceleration in the browser, so stuff like youtube or hosting a style url in a frame plays very choppy. I think a pi3A+ would fix that.
    • This is based on N-O-D-E’s design on youtube…however I think if I did it again I’d add a knob at the top for navigation. I thought about adding a gesture portion, but then I’d have to notch it or add a bump, and I felt like that would take away from the mirror.
    • I really should’ve stuck with trying to attach the mirror with magnets. I had some cool concepts around running a small emulator on it, and then using a Bluetooth controller. Taking the mirror off would’ve made that a bit ‘cleaner’. Or perhaps I should’ve did something with just vector games (Asteroids would look amazing on this…I may have to revisit that idea…)

    Thanks again for the great community, I found a ton of answers to my questions searching here!

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    I want one!

  • If you have a 3D printer, that video should get you most of the way there! If not…hmmm…I need to come up with a way to build one without a 3d printer or a laser cutter (I was originally going to borrow a friends glowforge). Looking at some of your excellent modules…may want to wait till I get a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ Version though…I think the pi zero may choke without some GPU acceleration on things like the eyecandy animation (Love that module) or the live background one (I need to try that out…super cool idea!). Loving your modules, can’t wait to get them working on my big mirror soon 😃

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    @jfarro said in My mini magic mirror (pyramid style) build video:


    Excellent work and nice idea!

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    Wooow great work !!!

  • sooooo Coooool !

    If there is Somebody in Germany who has a 3D Printer - I`d like to get a Copy of the Pyramid !!!

    @Jfarro - Your Link to the 3D files in the Youtube Video is down or incorrct --> Error 404 😞

  • Sandy2503- Doh! Forgot to hit publish…that should be fixed now.

    One option for the pyramid may be to cut triangles out of thin wood, but then you’d be forming your own bezel…may become a much more difficult project. I’ve used makerspaces before I got my own 3d printer to easily print a lot of things, though since that was a 9 hour print for my printer that may be costly. I will have to investigate if shapeways can do it for a reasonable amount. I really wanted to make the project accessible to anyone, but a 3D model was really the easiest way for me to make the case! Thanks for the kind words, glad you all are liking my entry into this wild world of magic mirrors 😃

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