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  • @Cr4z33 said in MMM-Spotify:

    @ejay-ibm @Sean I noticed only now that if using allowDevices: with the Raspotify device name I can then hear the music, but somehow the module doesn’t ‘wake up’ and keeps showing the Spotify logo only.

    Guys any idea why? 😬

    Also @ejay-ibm maybe it’s because I translated them into Italian, but the commands used with MMM-AssistantMk2 that you posted earlier this week don’t get applied.
    Ie. I say the hotword and then ‘next song’ and nothing happens…

    Usually GA either executes the command or replies saying he didn’t understand, but not this time… 🤔

    alt text

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @Cr4z33 1st you have a wonderfull miror
    2nd , if you send it to me maybe i’ll give you the answer ^^… joking …
    I’m not sure what’s wrong .

    What I would do first is turn on verbose mode on hotword and Mk2 assistant and check .
    1- Console log .
    2- pm2 out logs ( see “pm2 show scriptname” )
    3- pm2 error logs

    Capitalization is very important in hook eg .
    hook is like “next song”
    when you say this to assistant if assistnat wirte " Next song" that that wikk not work .

    All I can say for now is check the logs and share with us , that mitght help to help .


  • can whatever that is playing on your phone be played by the mirror too?

  • Module Developer

    If you mean multi-speaker, It isn’t.
    To play Spotify on your MagicMirror(Raspberry Pi), you need to install Raspotify on your Raspberry Pi.
    Then, you can play Spotify on your MM directly and can control Spotify (Wherever it played on).

  • @ejay-ibm lol for my mirror and thanks for the suggestion. 😆

    @icripps please note that to be able to use Raspotify a Spotify Premium account is MANDATORY. 😉

  • Okay thank you. Will manage what I have for now

  • Hi guys,
    Do you know which parameter to play with into the custom.css to get the module smaller in size? (it’s taking to much place on my screen).

  • Module Developer

    Is style: "mini" still too big? It has only around 360px X 120px.
    Unfortunately, there is no single magic keypoint to modify simply.
    See MMM-Spotify.css and redefine values on your css/custom.css

  • @sean thanks for feedback.
    I liked the default view, but wanted it to be a little bit smaller.

    I was a bit lost into the .css but I will try to play around with it and see what happens.

    Good idea would have been to have a single entry to modify ( like in 😵 so that user could adjust itself but I believe it’s very personal need, it’s maybe not worth to implement into the module.

  • Module Developer

    Add this into your css/custom.css.

    :root {
      --sp-width: 300px;
    #SPOTIFY {
     width: var(--sp-width);
      width: calc(var(--sp-width) - 20px);
    #SPOTIFY_INFO .text {
      width: calc(var(--sp-width) - 70px);
      width: calc(var(--sp-width) - 40px);
      height: calc(var(--sp-width) - 40px);

    --sp-width:300px is magic point. adjust it as your wish. I think 200px is the minimal value possible.

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