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MMM-Advent - Advent Candle

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    This module for the MagicMirror shows a candle, which burns turn towards a specified date (e.g. as an advent candle).


    Three example candles


    [1.0.2] - 2016-12-04


    • Configuration options:
      • start and end can be an array of timestamps now
      • if they are, multiple candles are created side by side, one for each element in both arrays (length of both arrays should match)
      • Example for four red candles, lightning up at each advent sunday (disable animation with enableAnimation: false, if the flicker does not look nice):
            module: "MMM-Advent",
            position: "bottom_center",
            config: {
                marks: 0,
                candleColor: "#EE1111",
                start: ["2016-11-27 14:00:00", "2016-12-04 14:00:00", "2016-12-11 14:00:00", "2016-12-18 14:00:00"],
                end: ["2016-12-24 22:00:00", "2016-12-24 22:00:00", "2016-12-24 22:00:00", "2016-12-24 22:00:00"]

    [1.0.1] - 2016-11-22


    • Configuration options:
      • enableAnimation - set to false to disable flame animation, default is true
      • fontCSS - link to a custom font stylesheet, default is
      • fontColor - the color of the marks on the candle, default is #000000 (black)
      • candleColor - the color of the candle, default is #FFFFFF (white)
      • font - the font used (probably depends on the fontCSS option, default is 'Dosis', sans-serif


    • Value are applied through a css stylesheet
    • Default font is a bold version of Dosis
    • Default candle height is 425


    • If flame is shown before the start time, it does no longer hover way above the candle


    • Loading of pumpkin font

    [1.0.0] - 2016-11-20

    Initial release of the Advent module.