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Drrrrums, please! My first MagicMirror.

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    Hi community fellows,

    after 6 weeks of research, trial & errors I just finished my frist MM! And I am quite satisfied with the result.
    Before I go into details I want to thank @michmich and the whole community for the inspiration and help to accomplish that project. THANK YOU!

    So here the details of my MM built:
    MM is running on a Raspbery Pi 3 B+ which I had laying arround.

    For the frame I took two Ikea RIBBA frames that I attached together to have enough depth for the display. They are bound together by wooden dowels, as I was afraid that glue would not be sufficient to hold the weight. The overall weight of the MM is 9.5 kg.


    The display is a used 24" iiyama ProLite X2481HS-B1monitor which I got on ebay. This monitor has a VA panel which has a far better contrast than common TN displays. Dismantling the housing was extremely easy. For the display mount inside the frame I made a simple smaller frame which I screwed into the outer frame.

    The mirror glas is 500x700x4mm Pilkington MirroPane Chrome Spy. At the beginning I felt a bit concerned if the 4mm glas could hold weight of the display (3.5 kg). But it is no problem at all.

    The RPi is powered by a 3000mA supply to have enough power. Internally I took a junction box to wire the display and the RPi, as only one power cable should go out.


    Last but not least, I also drilled two holes in the lower frame bar for a PIR-sensor (AM312) and a push-button to switch on the news stream for “Tagessschau in 100 sek.” (German news) via MMM-Podcast2.

    I also tried to implement Alexa control but didn’t succeed. Thus I took my Echo Dot and put it into the frame and attached it via USB to the RPI. As the power supply delivers 3000mA the Echot Dot is easily powerd via USB by the RPi.

    Here a list of the modules which I currently use:

    So, this is a screenshot of all modules in action, except the Dilbert module (MMM-Comics) which I disabled again as I am investigating currently a memory leak with that module.

    And here a few real images:

    Here a picture with the “Tagesschau in 100 sek.” which plays after pushing the push-button and executed by MMM-Podcast2 and MMM-Buttons.

    Thats’s all for now and I am pretty happy with the result of v1.0. But I already have some ideas for next releases.

    Best regards,

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  • Amazing well done buddy @Fozi

    Quick question do you recommend ips panel over va panel for magic mirror?

    Finally how is your 2nd magic mirror coming along? Are you using va panel for this?


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    @bachoo786 thanks for the compliments!
    The IPS panes are more expensive and have certainly a somewhat better contrast compared to VA panels. But as the panels are built behind a refelctive surface (=mirror) at the end, that difference in contrast probably won’t be recognizable and won’t justify the higher expense for the IPS panel. I was quite lucky to get the VA panel in 24" for a very good price on ebay. Otherwise I would have taken a “normal” TN panel like many, many others. If you can get a VA panel for a good price then take it, and save the money you’d spend for an IPS.

    Since I “released” my V1.0 of my MM, I spent it a few new modules, dropped others, made some refinements and optimizations and replaced the ugly PIR sensor with a microwave sensor.
    Since last week I am drafting the v2.0 which won’t be another mirror, but a significant upgrade of my existing one. I’ll keep the mirror and the panel, but will modify the frame. Currently, I don’t want to disclose too much, as I am still evaluating various options and feasability. And finally, it should be also a little surprise for the community 😉

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    @Fozi said in Drrrrums, please! My first MagicMirror.:

    I don’t want to disclose too much

    We know where you live.

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    @Mykle1 That’s fine! I might need a helping hand 😁

  • @Fozi thanks alot. Cant wait to see your updates.

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    @Fozi said in Drrrrums, please! My first MagicMirror.:

    I might need a helping hand

    You’re on your own. Just make sure the fridge is full. 😉

  • @Fozi Very nice work! How do you play the sound of the Tagesschau stream? I don’t see a loudspeaker in your setup.

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    @ttarzan thanks a lot!
    The sound comes from the speakers which where already built in the monitor. So I had not to deal with additional speakers and cableing. The audio output goes over HDMI right into the monitor.

    To be honest, don‘t expect a spectacular sound, as these are tiny 2W speakers and provide no bass. But they serve the purpose.

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