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    For all you dutch and german people out there, I have created a module that is inspired by the app Buienalarm. It is based on the modules MMM-rainfc and MMM-rain-forecast. Thanks to @cirdan and @spoturdeal for their groundwork.
    I have created this since I wanted the rain forecast to be more prominent on the mirror.
    This module implements chart.js for a nicer graph and




    • uses Buienradar API, works in Netherlands and parts of Western Germany
    • line or bar graph possible
    • rain icons for light, medium, heavy rain as orientation help
    • flexible sizes, color

    Any ideas or corrections welcome and appreciated!

    Version 1.0

    Initial release

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    I tried the module today with the default confit and it only shows “no data” / “Keine Daten!”.

    I use: lat: 52.15 and lon: 5.55.

    Any ideas?

    Update: Sorry, I took a while, but now I see some data.


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    Update 2:

    I changed lat and lon from default to my coordinates

    lat: 52.55,
    lon: 13.45,

    and get no data anymore.

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    @MajorC said in MMM-Buienalarm:

    lat: 52.55,
    lon: 13.45,

    Is that Berlin?
    The current master branch uses Buienradar (NL) and does not work east of, let’s say Dortmund.
    You could try to switch to the ‘climacell’ branch

    git fetch --all
    git checkout climacell
    git pull

    You’d need a climacell api key.
    I have not completed the Readme yet in that branch. Will do over the next days.

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    Yes, that is Berlin.

    I am happy to give cimacell a test if the readme file is online and I know what to do.

    Thank you

  • Module Developer

    @MajorC Then you can just wait.
    I guess I’ll push the climacell change to the master branch later since there are already some modules out there that use Buienradar.

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