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First start from the mirror does not work

  • Hello,
    to only sorry for my bad english .
    I have made the manual installation and it is the fault (picture)
    The mirror is black and no module is loaded .
    I hope you can help me!0_1463996068490_snip_20160523113415.png

  • Hi. What is in the log file referenced? That may help us to determine what’s going on.

    Also I haven’t tried to run MM on linux yet, only windows, so I might be wrong on this part but you might have to have electron installed.

  • Moderator

    Myah, MM runs just fine on Linux (following the manual installation instructions.) That’s how I have it running at my office since I don’t have an rPi here.

  • Hello I got the raspberry pi to 1000 times reinstalled and it’s nothing ! only MagicMirror v1 goes without problems ! In V2 the screen remains in black start even though I have the config edit : /

  • Moderator

    If the process starts, but it stays black, there may be an error in your config which is getting it stuck. Have you looked at the console output or the log output for any messages?

  • so i tell you what I’ve done everything :
    MM V1

    1. Format card
    2. Install Raspbian
    3. Apache server and PHP5 Install
    4. Install Chomium browser
    5. Chomium browser Kisos - mode and autostart (sudo nano .config/lxsession/LXDE pi/autostart)
    6. Raspberry Update
    7. MM v1 copied to /var/www/html
    8. Change config
    9. finished

    MM V2

    1. MM v1 Clear
    2. Install node
    3. MM clone (git clone
    4. Navigate to folder (cd /home/pi/Magic Mirror)
    5. npm install && npm start
    6. Error
    7. npm log

    what can I do now ?

    Note from admin: Please use Markdown on shell commands so they are easier to read!

  • Moderator

    I think we have to get @MichMich or @paviro in on this. I don’t know Electron enough to know why it’s failing.

  • Admin

    I hate those node error outputs… 😔 it could be that one of your module helpers fails to start. Have you installed any modules?

  • can you tell me what all modules I exactly need. ? I make every time you install an update

  • Admin

    @samydp you do not need any modules. Did you add anything to the modules folder?

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