MMM-Sonos - To show what your SONOS is playing.

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    This is an modification of of @Vaggan MagicMirror-SonosModule and @CFenner MagicMirror-SonosModule. It was modified to get some enhancements in visualisation and configuration. Also the module hides itself when not playing now.

    Note from me: I’m new to the MagicMirror world and Node.js, this is my first attempt to modify a module. There are probably lot’s of things that could have been done better. :)


    When starting the Mirror:
    Module on the Left side of the Mirror:
    Module in the Center of the Mirror:
    Module in the Center of the Mirror playing in 3 different zones:
    Module on the Right side of the Mirror:
    And, this is my own look on my mirrors (@ top center) using some addition in the custom.css…

    If you want my look on it, use this CSS code in your custom.css.

    /* Sonos --------------------------------------------*/
    .sonos ul .type {
        font-size: 12px;
        padding: 0px 0px;
        line-height: 12px;
        width: 260px;
    .sonos ul .room {
        font-size: 16px;
        padding: 0px 0px;
        line-height: 16px;
        width: 260px;
    .sonos ul .song {
        padding: 0px 0px;
        position: relative;
    .sonos ul .art img {
        height: 60px;
        width: 60px;
        border-radius: 50%;
        margin: 0px 0px;
        border: 2px solid #FFF;
    .sonos ul .name {
        width: 200px;
        font-size: 16px;
        padding: 0px 4px;
        line-height: 16px;


    Version 0.1

    • I’m guessing that’s Vaggans version…

    Version 0.2

    • Has to be CFenners version…

    Version 0.3

    • My version… :)

  • Hi There.

    First i need to say that i am new to both Raspberry and Magic mirror.
    Sooo happy now when i know what it can do.

    I have i problem with the sonos module, Don´t know if you can help me.
    I can not make it work, i get on the mirror saying Loading music.
    And i can see that it is saying from the terminal.
    Failure: Error: Connect ECONNREFUSED

    Kind regards

  • @Atreo same for me

  • Module Developer

    @Atreo Have you tried the fix in the “Known issues” section of the README?

  • Guess I’m total noob but I havent figured out exactly how to install MMM-Sonos.

    1. I’m confused on installing and running node-sonos-http-api part. Does it get installed on /usr/local/lib/node_modules (I dont have that folder) but I do have /home/pi/MagicMirror/node_modules.

    2. MM is on rPI3b using the default installation from the readme but the the documentation on the api says i should install the latest nodejs. do i need to update/install? I went to and it looks like 7.9.0 is the latest. i assume i install this on the MM rPI also. I’ll have to figure out how to git that too if so.

    3. I have my file that auto-starts MM using pm2. Do I add a line in the file to auto run the api on boot?
      cd ~/MagicMirror
      DISPLAY=:0 npm start

  • Module Developer

    @cohron First you need to “install” the node-sonos-http-api. You can put the node-sonos-http-api on the RPi I think. I have not tried that. I have mine installed on another server. But just try it, do the following (obs I have not tried this):

    cd ~
    git clone
    cd node-sonos-http-api
    npm install --production
    npm start

    Now, see if you can get your zones via the link: http://yourmagicmirrorip:5005/zones
    If you do, you should be able to point your config to http://localhost
    And you should see something playing, if it is playing. :)

    Now you need to make sure the http-api is running all the time.
    Use the same procedure as for the MagicMirror.
    When you have the MagicMirror and http-api running type pm2 save (if you are using pm2).
    Otherwise you have to add it to your startup manually.

    I hope this helps a bit at least. :)

  • @Snille

    All right, love trial and error. Got it all up and running on my MM rPI!!!
    Through ssh pi@ (my MM ip address)

    cd ~ //which puts me at /home/pi
    pi@magicpi:~ $ git clone

    cd node-sonos-http-api
    npm install --production
    npm start

    verify, open a browser, point to your MM’s IP like so:
    you should see a page full of sonos related text, if so the hard part is done…

    create another pm2 script named in ~ directory
    cd ~ file contents:
    cd ~/node-sonos-http-api
    DISPLAY=:0 npm start

    pm2 start
    pm2 start mm
    pm2 save

    now just do the normal git for the sonos module
    pi@magicpi:~/MagicMirror/modules $ git clone

    fill in your config, this is mine:
    module: ‘MMM-Sonos’,
    header: “Playing on SONOS”,
    position: “top_center”, // This can be any of the regions, best results in center regions
    classes: “default everyone”,
    config: {
    // See ‘Configuration options’ for more information.
    showStoppedRoom: false,
    showAlbumArt: true

    I also copied your awsome custom css content!

  • Module Developer

    @cohron So it’s working now? Congrats! Great work! :)

  • Module Developer

    This post is deleted!

  • Great module! I am new to all of this and have the module working as intended. I listen to SiriusXM, Google Play and Spotify through Sonos.

    Google Play looks great and pulls the Artist and Track Title correctly. However, SiriusXM is sending everything together. Is there a way to format what SiriusXM sends me?

    For example, if I go to http://IP_Address:5005/zones when using Google Play, I see… {“currentTrack”:{“artist”:“Aretha Franklin”,“title”:“Respect”,“album”:“I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You”,“albumArtUri”

    But if I put on a SiriusXM channel, it looks like this… {“currentTrack”:{“title”:“BR P|TYPE=SNG|TITLE Cold Little Heart|ARTIST Michael Kiwanuka|ALBUM”,“albumArtUri”

    As a result, the SiriusXM channel shows nothing for the Artist and “BR P|TYPE=SNG|TITLE Cold Little Heart|ARTIST Michael Kiwanuka|ALBUM” for the Track. Would love to get it to show something like “Cold Little Heart, Michael Kiwanuka” instead.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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