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Gesture control with APDS-9960

  • Module Developer

    Since my plan of using a touchfoil blew up in my face due to my own stupid assumptions. I have to look in to other means of controlling my mirror. (No, a IR-frame is sadly not an option due to the shape and size of my mirror.)

    Searching here there is one Gesture module (MMM-Swipe) that uses the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor,
    It’s a cheap sensor and most of the work is done, so I have ordered one of those too.
    The cons are however that is limited to three inputs, left, right and “push”.

    The APDS-9960 Sensor ( ) However has also swipe up/down,
    and it’s a optical sensor, so with a smidge of luck, it might work behind the glass (not counting on it though).
    Bad thing is the range is only 10-20cm above (without anything in it’s way), so basically has to swipe on the mirror itself.

    And, the APDS isn’t MM2 ready, it isn’t really raspberry ready either so it would probably require some long nights tinkering for me. So if the first tests are a success I might need some help getting the sensor to work with the MM2.

  • @broberg looking forward to your results

    i think this could be also interesting

  • Module Developer

    @strawberry-3.141 Yeah I saw that one to when I was looking around,
    It works basically on the same principle as the touch foil I have besides me right now, so anything of metal would disrupt it I think, (I’m really hopeful the optical sensor will work through the mirror glass)

  • @broberg Let us all know if it does 🙂

  • Module Developer

    Well, It doesn’t work through the glass. But it works!

    and it’s somewhat sensitive to get the motions right, maybe that is a software issue and not hardware, BUT it does read side to side and up down. Which is good and opens up to navigate modules easier.

    But it bugs me that I have to build a box for it outside the mirror.

  • Module Developer

    Okey guys, I’d really need some guidance. My head goes round in circles and I don’t know where to start.

    As mentioned before I’ve gotten the sensor to work with the help of wiringPi and a c library converted for the pi.

    Then I Found this :
    a control driver for node, but that is using a Tessel and I can’t really understand how to replace the tessel line with Raspberry.

    I’m guessing I need an i2c module to let the apds-gesture connect to the raspberrys pins?