1st mirror / photoframe / airplay / remote / led strips

  • This is my 1st mirror built on a Raspberry Pi 3.
    I used a photoframe (50 cm * 70 cm) and added some depth with wood planks.
    The film on the glass is from “Reflectiv”, the frame&wood from “Leroy Merlin”.
    I recycled an old speaker (Parrot Party) which I needed to disassemble. The mirror can play music through AirPlay thanks to @surekat and his awesome module (https://github.com/surekap/MMM-ShairportMetadata).
    I added some led strips on the side of the frame, it’s really eye-catching.
    Modules used : RATP (train & bus) / Email / Weather / Airplay / Remote / Traffic / Compliments / RSS newsfeed.
    Thanks to all the community for making this possible ;-)

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Module Developer

    Really cool using LED strips. First time I’ve seen that!

  • Hi I am new to here. Great build you did. I see you have the traffic module. Which one are you using? I tried MMM-Traffic and cant seem to get my config.js to work.

  • @bocapie said in 1st mirror / photoframe / airplay / remote / led strips:

    Which one are you using? I tried MMM-Traffic and cant seem to get my config.js to work.

    You’d be better off asking this question in the “Troubleshooting” area.


    This way people know you are looking for help. They might not see your question in here if they don’t come to look at the mirrors. In “Troubleshooting”, many brilliant, helpful people usually come to your aid in a timely manner.

    Good luck

  • HI,
    What size screen did you use? Was it a monitor or a tv?

  • @SoleLo It’s a 22" samsung computer screen

  • @Brice , cool thanks. I need to start my project. I’ve been slacking.

  • This is very cool and very similar to what I want to try. I’m looking to use magic mirror along with both airplay and Alexa. Do you think that is possible or would I need to choose one or the other?

    Also, once the airplay is installed do you have to do anything to connect to the airplay with your device or is it always running in the background (in other words: would the standard magic mirror dashboard display continue to show even when I’m playing music from my phone to the airplay in the mirror?)

    Thanks for the great ideas!

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