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Why do you use smart mirror?

  • Share with your personal reasons why having smart mirror is cool.👦🏽

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    Because I like to build and modify stuff.

  • No i mean, do you find usage of smart mirror useful?

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    @Sultan91 For me a smart mirror is similar to a smart watch, it’s a nice to have gadget. For myself I don’t have one, but it’s fun to develop and with more and more service integrations it’s getting more and more useful

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    I suspect many have smart mirrors because of the gadget factor. Me included.

    But after the first fascination was gone, our family have ended up with some really useful modules that actually is useful in our daily life:

    • Calendar with everyone’s calendar, including shared family calendar, helps us plan activities and be aware of the other’s plans.
    • My own MMM-Ruter module to see when next bus arrives.
    • My own MMM-ThingSpeak (IoT) module (not released yet!) to see real temperature outside (the weather module is too inaccurate in our location) in addition to the weather forecast to know how to dress the kids.
    • My own MMM-MotionEye module to see who’s outside my door before I open.
    • MMM-doomsDay for counting down to my oldest son’s birthday or other things he is looking forward to. Before he kept asking “how many days until x?” and I had to count days or use a web service

  • @Cato Thanks, pretty informative!

  • For me its also weather for deciding if I bike to work and how to dress me and kids, and public transport real-time departure times. I also use it to read news and recap my meetings for the day when I have time before the bus departures.

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    For me the ultimate goal was to create a working center for my home.

    Lights, door locks, thermostat and info center…

    I have made 2 so far… one alarm clock, and one bathroom mirror… learning so I can work towards my goal 🙂

    Once that’s done … I’ll just continue learning js and refining it more and more… With the current state of technology more homes are becoming ‘smart homes’… but at a considerable price… so if you can do this on your own by learning then why not? 🙂 PLUS it’s customized to what you want/need rather than buying something that may do 80% of what you want using the products they integrate with from other companies … this way you can use the devices you want [if they have an api to use] and how you want to use them… not how a company that over charges and tells you what you can and cannot do with it 🙂

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    @Sultan91 said in Why do you use smart mirror?:

    Share with your personal reasons why having smart mirror is cool

    Because I look so damn good in it! 😉

  • Hi, I know that this is an old topic, but I want to tell you, that the Mirror is a really nice tool. It reminds our family to don´t forget important Events, because everyone can edit the calendar.
    Also its nice to have some information about the weather.

    And - who don´t want some compliments 😉 ?
    Great project!

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