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How do you turn Off/On the monitor if not in use - Be Green

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    So after read so many post, i would like know how you turn Off/On your monitor when you are not using.

    I can’t decide what is the best way to do this, after all i think we must be green and save some energy 😉

    My idea is to active MM once someone get in front of the MM, then turn off the monitor to save some power, for this i think that PIR is the way to go, by power on/off the HDMI.
    ( was the solution i found on the forum that seems to work ok. )

    Be free to tell how did you became green with your MM, i’m sure this is a topic that most of us are interested.

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    @mpires with voice control

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    Just a thought, does the PIR cut the power entirely or does it just set the monitor to standby?

    I don’t really care about the small amount that electronic devices use in standby, but to be truly green you should really cut the power entirely to the monitor.

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    You are right. Using the PIR to power down the HDMI puts your screen to standby.
    You could of course use a relais and completely switch off/on the power supply to your screen. However this would cause delays when the screen is powered again and needs to start. In addition I don’t know how long the display and the display board would survive being switched on and off constantly

  • @yawns said in How do you turn Off/On the monitor if not in use - Be Green:

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    I agree, but the other problem i see with relay, is that you will be able to cut the energy, but once you order to power on, monitor will need human action to press power button 😞

  • @broberg

    The test i did with my LG monitor, was using remote module i did turn Monitor OFF, and my monitor will enter in standby after 2 sec, so i think that i can set the PIR to once detect movement will trigger the monitor to ON, and after X sec, if no movement is detect turn monitor OFF.

  • I am using a “dual” solution: I do use a PIR sensor together with the MMM-PIR module to switch the monitor to standby via HDMI off. Since the Raspi and the monitor are still consuming energy, I thought about when I do really use my MagicMirror. So I came to the conclusion that I never use and need my MM during night and during my working hours in the week. So I bought a rather cheap clock timer with the capability to program it per day. Every day the MM is switched completely off during night time and every work day during my work time. In order to prevent any potential SD card failure I do use the module MMM-Scheduler to shut down the Raspi well in advance before power is cut. If there is interest I can post the configuration of MMM-Scheduler.

  • @Steff
    The PIR sensor and MMM-PIR Module is on my list as soon as I read up more about them, so I for one would be gratefull if you could post the scheduler config… I want to see if I can mange the set up as smoothly as possible… hence why I want to read up as many posts about it here and in other posts.


  • @Steff Sure Steff, post the Scheduler configuration.

  • @mpires
    Here is the configuration:

                    module: 'MMM-ModuleScheduler',
                    config: {
                    notification_schedule: [
                                    // TURN THE MONITOR/SCREEN OFF AT 8:30 EVERY WEEK DAY
                                    {notification: 'REMOTE_ACTION', schedule: '30 8 * * MON-FRI', payload: {action: "SHUTDOWN"}},
                                    // TURN THE MONITOR/SCREEN OFF AT 23:30 EVERY DAY
                                    {notification: 'REMOTE_ACTION', schedule: '30 23 * * *', payload: {action: "SHUTDOWN"}},

    The clock timer is programmed to kill the power supply 15 min later than the shutdown time(s).

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