Facial Recognition - customize your mirror for every user!

  • Module Developer

    Would it be possible to use this, but also make it wake up the mirror too?

    I’d like to use facial recognition to load personal modules, but I don’t want to hook up a PIR sensor too

  • Admin

    Probably yes, will look into it in the next couple of weeks :)

  • Module Developer

    @paviro Awesome!

    Thanks for all your work!

    I’m still getting my modules sorted, and need to build my frame etc.

    I’d love to incorporate facial recognition and sleep on my mirror though

  • Module Developer

    @paviro Did you have any thoughts, or make any headway on using this for facial recognition and also replicating the PIR module too?

  • Admin

    @Mitchfarino Not yet sorry.

  • Hey!

    I’d like to use facial recognition with MM. Before installing OpenCV, I’d like to know if OpenCV 2.4.13, or OpenCV 3.1 should I get to use face recognition module? Does it matter at all?
    Thanks in advance!

  • @sunnysys OK, I figured it out.
    Finally managed Facial-Recognition to work, but I’ve got a little issue: I have to stand real close (10 cm) to RPi Camera to recognize me. What do I wrong, and how can it be fixed?


  • Module Developer

    @sunnysys What equipment and software did you use?

  • @cowboysdude
    RPi2 + RPi camera, control with laptop via Putty+Xming. I installed OpenCV 2.4.9 on RPi2.
    I wrote a little script in Python and made 20 pictures with RPi2 + RPi camera. Then I used paviro’s MMM-Facial-Recognition-Tools to train with the saved pictures, also in RPi2. (paviro says it can be pretty slow on RPi, but it wasn’t. :) ) After this I gave MMM-Facial-Recognition module to Magic Mirror config.js and the classis to the other modules.
    It works, but can recognize my face rarely. Maybe I made the pictures in inappropriate lighting conditions?

  • Admin

    @sunnysys Somewhere in the code is a hardcoded setting of the resolution that is captured (I will add an option for that someday but I am busy with school right now). If you set this to an higher resolution you will not have to stand as close but it will require more processing power :)
    Please also note that you should take the pics in a similar lightning environment as your mirror will be!

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