UpVote posts....show some love.

  • Module Developer

    If someone helps you out don’t be afraid to Upvote their helping post!!

    This will enable others to understand that someone’s suggestion helped and it makes it much easier to find information for others who may have the same issue!! :)

  • @cowboysdude


  • @Mykle1, @cowboysdude
    I agree too !
    by the way i’ve been helped quite a lot of times, wanted to upvote in some way, but didn’t know how to…just posted - thank you- .:rolling_eyes:
    Just didn’t recognize that quote buttom !..
    So be sure, I’ll quote the next times and till than-Thanks a lot- :slight_smile:
    you guys doing such a good job for us, who like this projekt, but are just not experienced in these things

  • Another topic which is somehow related to give feedback/appreciation

    I recognized this behaviour in a lot of my repos and after viewing the profile of those users it looks like a scheme. So

    Why do people fork repositorys on github instead of starring them?

    Fork a repo: You fork a repo if you want to make changes to the original codebase and use the fork or create a pull request.

    Star a repo: You star a repo if you like it. It’s similar to upvote on the forum or likes on facebook, youtube, … and gives the developer kind of credit for his work.

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