• Module Developer

    This is a fork of MMM-Nest by Luke Moch, modified to look much closer to the display you see in the Nest app.

    NOTE I have not tested this with multiple thermostats, as I only have one in my house, nor have I tested the display of list mode as it defeats the purpose of why I modified this module.

    0_1494637770578_Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 8.55.45 PM.png


  • Hello @j-e-f-f

    Thanks for your update (looks amazing)
    is there a way to see also the ambient temperature ?
    and i just built my IR frame 😃 so im looking to add the touch option - is it something possible ?


  • Module Developer

    @tidus5 Yeah I’ve been thinking about how I can create the same display as the Nest itself, with the ticks on the outside of the circle, the ambient temperature, the target heating .cooling temperature, etc. I plan to release an update once I figure that out.

  • Module Developer

    @j-e-f-f Your CSS changes look great! I added them back into my module with a few tweaks to get the heat&cool mode working again. If you just want to send me pull requests instead of making a new module with cosmetic changes, I’d me more than happy to merge them.

  • Module Developer

    @mochman hey! Great to hear you like the changes! I’ve been thinking about modifying this to have the ticks in a citcle around th outside of the widget, just like the Nest itself. But I think it will require some pretty heavy changes to the markup and subsequently to the dom generator.

    Why don’t I play around on my version of the module then when I have something working I’ll message you to figure out how easy it would be to merge the two.

  • Anyone working on integrating the nest protect smoke detectors?