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MMM-Instagram - Pull and animate photos from Instagram feed

  • Module Developer

    Check out my module to pull images from a users Instagram Feed. An API_KEY is required to set this up.
    The images will be pulled will animate and rotate on the mirror.

    The link for it is


  • Wow, thanks for that great module 🙂

    I had problems getting a api key, but then i found this helpful link, maybe it helps others:

    But i have a little problem with my pictures: on not-square pics i get ugly white bars 😕 do you know a way to turn those of / make them black?

  • Is there a way to just pull the followers on my instagram profile??

  • This is awesome and Instagram has solid steps on how to get the access token. You can only view the feed of an account you have credentials to, unless you register an app and have it approved.

    Another note, does it have to be restarted anytime you want to pull the most recent images? I uploaded new pictures to my IG feed, and let it sit for 12 hours but it didn’t update.

  • Module Developer

    @zombi27 No idea. I haven’t looked into that. Maybe the code could be updated to check the width and height and dynamically set those when showing the image.

    I won’t have time to work on it for a month so maybe when I return I can try to.

  • Module Developer

    @bokifide Probably! The API is pretty feature rich. I just wanted to pull my feed images. To pull from your followers, it would need to be coded in.

    I’ll consider it for a future enhancement.

  • Module Developer

    @potentialpotato The update to the feed should occur right away. The code is set up to refresh the feed based on the updateInterval value.

  • anyway to make the images smaller/larger?

  • Module Developer


    I have not looked into autoresizing an image. It is on my list to get to when I have some time.

    The image at this point is not being resized, I just take it and display it as it comes from instagram.
    Videos will auto play when I get to them as well.


  • Module Developer

    @dr0pb0x , @kapsolas I had a quick look at your code (Not a fan of the link) and if you go about displaying the Instagram image this way:

    	var imageWrapper = document.createElement("img");
    	imageWrapper.src = tempimpage.photolink; = this.config.instaMaxWidth; = this.config.instaMaxHeight;

    you should be able to specify two parameters instaMaxWidth and instaMaxHeight that the user can change in their config.file so the beginning of your MMM-Instagram.js file would look like this:

        defaults: {
            format: 'json',
            lang: 'en-us',
            id: '',
            animationSpeed: 1000,
            updateInterval: 60000, // 10 minutes
            access_token: '',
            count: 200,
            min_timestamp: 0,
            loadingText: 'Loading...',
            instaMaxWidth: '100%',
            instaMaxHeight: '100%'

    Now, any user of your module could define their own maximum image width and height, either by specifying an absolute figure like ‘300px’ or in relative terms using ‘20%’ or the like. I’ve created a pull request, but I suggest you test my code first as I don’t have an Instagram account or Instagram API key to test it.

    You can use my fork to do so:

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