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MMM-DHT-Sensor - Get temperature & humidity values from a DHT sensor

  • Module Developer


    This week I got a DHT22 because I saw several MMM around here to get the temp/humidity, but none of them worked for me, so… I created my own.

    The module just reads the temperature / humidity values from the sensor and displays them in a MMM module.





  • Sometimes you just gotta make your own stuff 😉

    Great job!! 🙂

  • Module Developer

    Version 1.1.0

    • Use config.units to set the sensor temperature units
    • Implements INDOOR_TEMPERATURE and INDOOR_HUMIDITY notifications so you can use showIndoorTemperature
      indoor temperature

  • Hi,
    i get te notification that there is a new Version available. But if i go to ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-DHT-Sensor and do ‘git pull’ it says that the module is already up-to-date. What should i do?


  • Cool module,

    i would like to know whether you have an idea to my following problem:

    I did everything as recommended. Unfortunately the module is not shown on the screen.
    I checked everything as well as if the DHT22 works.
    Everything runs fine, unfortunately 😃

  • Module Developer

    @Dracarys I am not seeing any update notification at all… Do you still have the issue?

  • Module Developer

    @PaulB Did you follow all the steps? Without logs is a little bit difficult to know what’s going on… Did you try to check if the sensor is working (like with a python script or something). It sound like a config.js issue…

  • @ryck

    Thanks for your quick reply :
    I have checked the config file as well as the set up. Checking the sensor via the console works fine.

    My next steps are deleting the module and downloading it again. Following step by step your manual.

    I keep you updated 🙂

  • @ryck

    I delete everything and set it up from scratch again.
    Unfortunately, as I start the MMM application your module is not shown on the screen. Do you have an idea where the problem is located?

    I used your config.js-example and just changed the Pinnumber from 2 to 4.

    Kind regards,

  • @ryck

    Thanks for the great works.

    It’s possible to change the icons color of the temp and humidity?

    Thanks for help.