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First attempt at my mirror

  • Hi Guys and Gals!

    I guess it’s time to show-off my end result.
    Unfortunately i do not have any pics from during the build (Got a little excited and forgot about it.)

    I am fairly happy with the result, but for the next project i will probably just pony up and pay for a proper one way mirror instead of the film i used. The film is ok, nothing more than that. Got some bubbles here and there but its allright as a first attempt.

    Its running on an RPI 2 Model B.
    I used a cheapo wall mount to hang the thing, wich works just great.
    And the screen is something i just had laying around, next project will feature a lighter one.
    The PI Itself is is mounted with some sort of velcro tape, just because it makes it easier if i need to pry it off for some reason.

    The power cord for the screen i cut down quite a bit because it was taking too much space.
    The usb power for the pi i just used a very short one. All powered thru one wall socket with a USB connector.

    The frame is simply two IKEA frames glued back to back with some brackets holding it.
    (Got the idea from some guy on here, thanks for that!)

    So now it’s basically done, i will have to take it down again to mount the PIR Sensor when that arrives and a small fan since its running idle at about 60 degrees, a bit worried the screen will get too hot on me. And maybe ill change out the glass in the future, we will see 🙂

    Thanks to everyone who helped me out with answers to my many questions throughout the build process. And hopefully someone will some of my solutions usefull too.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

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    Good job, young man!

  • Nice and clean sir, a simple design made with good taste

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    Very nice!!! Love the weather icons!

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Where did you get the weather icons by the way? I’d love to have those LOL To put in my weather module 🙂