[MMM-calendarExtDays] Alternative days calendar view

  • Description:

    [Important] This is under construction, not stable. All responsibility caused by this version is… just sorry. But if you want to try, please go ahead.

    This module is beautifying original default/calendar module view. This module catches events broadcasted from original calendar, shows them pretty. That’s simple. I didn’t reinvent the wheels.






    • Long term running test.
    • Code beautify
    • Prevent possibility of some bugs caused by misconfiguration
    • Add more animation for overflowed
    • Another CSS preset for different looks
    • Monthly view
    • Today Upcoming view
    • some bug fix.

    I had a plan to release this late this month because of my summer holidays(from 7. Jul). However… I release now. I believe there are many bugs in this. But I have no time to fix it for a while. You should consider that. After vacation, I’ll check everything.

    Goog Luck!

  • I think the text is too small under the real mirror. I’ll fix it later also. Sorry.

  • It looks great, but I wait, till you’ve finished it.

    PS: Gute Idee! :)

  • @Lausbuab1
    Thanks for your intersting.
    Frankly said, I have confidence that this module will work finely. But I have not tested all the cases. My only worry is about that.
    Anyway, after adding features about monthly and weekly view, I’ll notice here.

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