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MMM-NOAA - Another Weather Module

  • Hi what a very great module ! i’m interesting in making a french translation…

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    @Fonfon THANK YOU!

    Here is the file if you could Please and Thank you.

      "GATHERING WEATHER STUFF": "Samlar väderinformation...",
      "Currently: ": "Just nu: ",
      "Current Temp: ": "Temperatur: ",
      "UV Index ": "UV Index ",
      "Wind: ": "Vind: ",
      "From: ": "Från: ",
      "Barometer: ": "Barometer ",
      "~~~ Forecast ~~~<br />": "~~~ Prognos ~~~<br />",
      "Monday": "Måndag",
      "Tuesday": "Tisdag",
      "Wednesday": "Onsdag",
      "Thursday": "Torsdag",
      "Friday": "Fredag",
      "Saturday": "Lördag",
      "Sunday": "Söndag",
      "Overcast": "Mulet",
      "Cloudy": "Molnigt",
      "Rain": "Regn",
      "Clear": "Klart",
      "Partly Cloudy": "Delvis molnigt",
      "High: ": "Högst: ",
      "Low: ": "Lägst: ",
      "Humidity: ": "Luftfuktighet: ",
      "Safe": "Säkert",
      "Moderate": "Medel",
      "Snow showers": "Snöbyar",
      "Very High": "Mycket Högt",
      "Extreme": "Extremt",
      "Sunset": "Solnedgång",
      "Sunrise": "Soluppgång",
      "hours": "hours",
      "minutes": "minutes",
      "Amount of Daylight": "Amount of Daylight"

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    -Added Spanish translation
    -Added ability to not show clock using config option - See README
    - Added when humidity goes above 70% it shows in red
    -Added Amount of Daylight that day [example 14 hours 12 minutes]

    Currently available in English, Swedish, German and NOW Spanish flavors … [Please PM me if you’d be interested in making any other translation files for this ].

    Please follow Readme on Github!



    Version 1.0.1


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    I have noticed that some weather conditions still are in English… there was no way I could get them all for translation.

    If you get one that is NOT in your the translation file please note it so it can be added!!

    Huge Thanks!

  • @cowboysdude said in MMM-NOAA - Another Weather Module:

    “GATHERING WEATHER STUFF”: “Samlar väderinformation…”,
    "Currently: ": "Just nu: ",
    "Current Temp: ": "Temperatur: ",
    "UV Index ": "UV Index ",
    "Wind: ": "Vind: ",
    "From: ": "Från: ",
    "Barometer: ": "Barometer ",
    “~~~ Forecast ~
    ": "
    ~ Prognos ~~~
    “Monday”: “Måndag”,
    “Tuesday”: “Tisdag”,
    “Wednesday”: “Onsdag”,
    “Thursday”: “Torsdag”,
    “Friday”: “Fredag”,
    “Saturday”: “Lördag”,
    “Sunday”: “Söndag”,
    “Overcast”: “Mulet”,
    “Cloudy”: “Molnigt”,
    “Rain”: “Regn”,
    “Clear”: “Klart”,
    “Partly Cloudy”: “Delvis molnigt”,
    "High: ": "Högst: ",
    "Low: ": "Lägst: ",
    "Humidity: ": "Luftfuktighet: ",
    “Safe”: “Säkert”,
    “Moderate”: “Medel”,
    “Snow showers”: “Snöbyar”,
    “Very High”: “Mycket Högt”,
    “Extreme”: “Extremt”,
    “Sunset”: “Solnedgång”,
    “Sunrise”: “Soluppgång”,
    “hours”: “hours”,
    “minutes”: “minutes”,
    “Amount of Daylight”: “Amount of Daylight”

    Hi, here the french translation:

    "GATHERING WEATHER STUFF": "Info météo",
      "Currently: ": "Actuellement: ",
      "Current Temp: ": "Température: ",
      "UV Index ": "Index UV  ",
      "Wind: ": "Vent: ",
      "From: ": "de: ",
      "Barometer: ": "Baromètre ",
      "~~~ Forecast ~~~<br />": "~~~ Prévision ~~~<br />",
      "Monday": "Lundi",
      "Tuesday": "Mardi",
      "Wednesday": "Mercredi",
      "Thursday": "jeudi",
      "Friday": "Vendredi",
      "Saturday": "Samedi",
      "Sunday": "Dimanche",
      "Overcast": "Couvert",
      "Cloudy": "Nuageux",
      "Rain": "Pluvieux",
      "Clear": "Clair",
      "Partly Cloudy": "Partiellement nuageux",
      "High: ": "Haute: ",
      "Low: ": "Basse: ",
      "Humidity: ": "Humidité: ",
      "Safe": "Sûr",
      "Moderate": "Modéré",
      "Snow showers": "Averses de neige",
      "Very High": "Tres élevée",
      "Extreme": "Extrême",
      "Sunset": "Coucher de soleil",
      "Sunrise": "Levée de soleil",
      "hours": "Heures",
      "minutes": "Minutes",
      "Amount of Daylight": "Lumière du jour"

    when you are ok tell me. for control.;)

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    @Fonfon THANK YOU so much!!

    Added and working… 🙂

  • @cowboysdude with pleasure 😉

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    Had to make a minor adjustment on my end… please check the date and make sure it’s showing correctly 🙂 [Right date… ie 8/9/2017 please make sure the day number is correct]

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    You mean I have to live tomorrow all over again? 😉

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