Synology PhotoStation Share as perfect picture source but how?

  • I have just come up with the most perfect way to source private family pictures to family members without having to store all you pictures in the Insecure Cloud universe. With PhotoStation on your Synology NAS you can create public, private or hidden shared albums to witch you can create and share a link. The link opens a website showing all the pictures in the album and you can press show slideshow and you have the most perfect picture frame solution where you as Synololgy owner manage witch pictures will be shown on the frame. You can then create a shared album for each family member and there decide witch pictures will appear.

    But now to the hard thing. I have figured out how to make this slideshow show in an iFrame module on my screen. But how can make the slide show full screen in a short period and then switch back to show my Info-board. It could also be nice to somehow trigger when then full screen slideshow should be shown.

    Can anyone point me in a direction?

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