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[Help Needed: Core Module] Developing a new default weather module.

  • Admin

    So, as some of you might have noticed, OpenWeatherMap no longer supports weather forecasts for new accounts. The fact that we are currently limited to one API provider resulted in a non functioning weather forecast module. Aside from that, there were already some complaints that OpenWeatherMap wasn’t very accurate for a lot of places.

    Because of this, I decided to start working on a new module which will replace both the default currentweather and weatherforecast modules. Wether it should show the current weather or the forecast (or both) will be configurable in the new module.

    More importantly, the new module will work with “weather providers” allowing the users to choose which weather API they want to use.

    I’ve created a new branch with the first setup of the new module:

    Now, since the current weather modules have A LOT of options, rebuilding these modules is A LOT of work. Especially on the “render side” of the module. As much as I like the work on this module, my time is limited. So help would be very welcome.

    If you want to contribute, please fork the “weather-refactor” branch and send me PR’s for your updates.

    Keep in mind the following:

    • Please don’t modify any files outside the new weather module folder.
    • The API for the weatherProvider is not yet set in stone. Please keep this in mind. You might want to wait with adding new providers until the first one is fully finished.
    • Send tiny PR’s. This will help me to see what you are doing and allow me to cherry pick the desired changes.
    • If you want to contribute, let me know in this topic. We don’t need 329 people working on the same feature … 😉

    To test it out, add the following module to your config file:

    			module: "weather",
    			position: "top_right",
    			config: {
    				location: "New York",
    				apiKey: "OPENWEATHER_API_KEY"

    Any help is welcome! Thanks!

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @MichMich I can help with front end markup and CSS. But I’d like to wait a bit until you have a stable back-end. let me know when you think the back-end is ready enough.

  • Admin

    @j.e.f.f Awesome. We’re implementing a templating feature which will make the frontend much easier. If you’re interested in following the discussion en progress, feel free to join the Slask channel:

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @MichMich just took a look and boy am I happy to read that you’re implementing a templating engine for modules! I would loved to have used this for all of the modules I wrote.

  • Module Developer

    have a look at MMM-NOAA i think this is the most interesting weather app of all!!!

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