Missing CSS icons?

  • Moderator

    Looking at stylesheet.css, there’s a big portion of it that’s mangled. The content: “” line is simply a square box. That tells me something didn’t translate right, either when you originally installed it, or when files were copied over, possibly from a different OS that mangled the file types …

  • Moderator

    Myah, you have slow connections somewhere. From the log you sent me, I want to say the socket isn’t responding fast enough … why, who knows. Still need investigating …


    I had to force refresh the page, then let it sit there for a bit before the notification icon popped up again, as well as the ‘Unread’ notification. Definitely some delay/timeout somewhere.

  • Admin

    I’m so happy @paviro put all the effort in setting up this forum … 😂 If I had to deal with all the forum issues, MM would no longer be maintained. 😉

  • Moderator

    Yeah, I hear you there. I’ve been trying to recreate the problems on my end but … no such luck. It runs flawlessly on my server, both as a super user as well as an unprivileged user. So something happened on his end with he switched things … maybe permissions … maybe something else. We’re trying to figure that out. You … you keep your focus on MM. 🙂