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Multiple Modules on one set-up?

  • Hello, I will give you a quck run down of my plan, to see if this is at all possible, before asking the serious questions.

    I have sang the praises of MM to anyone/everyone that cares to listen, and one in particular, who owns a company, has asked me to build one for them, to hang in their reception area, and to show them all of it’s capabilities, so they could choose which modules they would like on it, and to CSS to their wants.

    Is it at all possible to have about, say 20 modules within MM that I think would be appropriate for his environment, and be able to scroll through them all so this guy could see them work, and pick what he wants in his finished mirror? I have heard mention of carousel within a few posts, but have not looked at it or even read/ tried it myself, so unsure if that is what I could use?

    I would also like to include the voice module I seen in Mykle1 post where he closes it down/hide modules… that would be a neat addition to showcase to this guy, and even better if that voice module has future growth to enable other actions to control the modules?

    The conversation revealed that he would love at least a 75" TV as he has a large reception, and if the MM was half as good as I portraid it, then 75" would suit it very nicely.

    I have a spare Pi that I already have as a back up of my personal set up, so I would just use that to show him, but would also inform him that the Pi is not the only tool that can be used, as his company has plenty PC’s that could be used instead - for max power… and also that it can be used through a browser instead.

    I also had a thought about his company logo… sort of 3D rotating? if that would be possible, but appreciate a PC power would prob be better for something like that instead of the Pi?

    Any and all input welcome, and appreciated.


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    It is absolutely possible to have 20 modules (I have 23) installed on a Pi. However, it would depend on which. Not all modules place the same load on the system.

    A combination of MMM-Carousel or MMM-Carousel w/ Navigation and MMM-Remote-Control would allow you to rotate through any or all modules or isolate/highlight just one. This would also help you to control system load.

    I use the MMM-voice module. This works significantly better on a PC or laptop board. Yes, it does work on a Pi but the response time is noticeable as opposed to the former. I’ve also made some modifications to MMM-voice to suit my purposes.

    Basically, everything that you desire is achievable. The demands on the system will likely dictate the hardware you wind up using. Even the 3D rotating logo is doable. Off the top of my head, it could be designed on any workstation, even the most powerful, and then saved as an animated.gif file. This way your hardware only experiences the load of displaying that instead of rendering the 3D logo itself.


  • @Mykle1

    Thanks very much for the info, much appreciated.

    Yeah 20 modules was just a ball park, as there would only be a certain amount that I think would be appropriate for him, and for it to be placed in his reception, and edited to suit.

    Good to know this is doable so i can showcase as much as I think he would like, so he could ponder on what his finished MM will have.

    You say you tweeked the MMM. Voice? I take this is just through normal css, and such eh? And not something you have added/altered into the module itself?

    I did try, as others before me did also, and failed… to get the microphone working through the Pi and Alexa, but gave up for the same reason you just mentioned, so will try that module through my PC MM build ( thanks to your tutorial on that)

    For now I shall get and play about with carousel to see what I can do there, and pop back if I have any problems/additional points I need help on… so once again, many thanks for your info here, its gave me incentive to make this demo look as smart as I can for this guy to see what all my praise was about… and if you have any tips/pointers re-MMM.Voice, i’m all ears .

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    @Damian said in Multiple Modules on one set-up?:

    Yeah 20 modules was just a ball park

    You could install as many as you like as long as they are not all enabled at the same time. That’s the beauty of Carousel and/or RemoteControl.

    No, I made some personal modifications to the MMM-voice module itself for some extra functionality that I needed. 🙂

    I never tried Alexa but I do know that some people struggled with those modules. Recently, a friend of mine here on the forum made some corrections to the awesome-alexa documentation and posted the fix somewhere, making it easier for that to be installed.

    PC MM build! Now you’re talking my language. I enjoy installing MM on many different machines under different OS’es. I’m currently working on a Core 2 Duo iMac installation on top of it’s native OS that is presenting me with some problems but I hope to be successful with that. If/and when I complete that I will likely do a tutorial on that as well.

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    @Mykle1 I’m curious about the modifications you did to mmm-voice

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    @strawberry-3.141 said in Multiple Modules on one set-up?:

    I’m curious about the modifications you did to mmm-voice

    That is a mistake on my part. The modifications I made were to the AlarmClock module because mmm-voice seems to be disabled while the AlarmClock is ringing.

    As you know, AlarmClock uses the alert module. The alert module comes to the forefront when the AlarmClock rings and all other modules are inaccessible until the alarm is reset. I don’t have a touch screen so I needed a way to reset the AlarmClock module manually. First, I disabled the alert module. That solved the problem of accessing the AlarmClock but still left me with resetting the alarm manually.

    Also. I wanted all modules hidden (by mmm-voice) until the alarm rings. This created another problem for me. The alarm would ring but all modules would remain hidden and mmm-voice will not accept the “SHOW MODULES” command while the alarm is ringing.

    So, my answer to this was to disable the alert module, add a “SHOW MODULES” command the the AlarmClock module when the alarm fires to show all modules, and add a clickable button to the AlarmClock module that resets the alarm manually.

    I am working on modifying mmm-voice, too, but that is slow going because I am learning this stuff as I go along. My old brain keeps asking me, “Why the hell are you doing this, Mykle?”

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    @Mykle1 That may solve my problem with it not working on the big mirror too… haven’t looked into it yet but was thinking about modifying it to work as a ‘timer’ of sorts for cooking 🙂 Awesome work @Mykle1!!

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    You can have my modification if you make me some XMas cookies

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    @Mykle1 Who you kidding you’ll give it to me anyway LOL

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