• thx for your response

    @tbbear so i have changed the owner and group from MMM-View.html from openhabian to openhab. same problem like before. you wrote that i have to change the owner and group like the owner i use on my MM, but i can´t change the owner to the owner pi.

    is there any other idea, i really like to use your module.

    greeting Orakel

  • Module Developer

    @orakel of course, i’m sorry i ment to change it to the same owner u use for openhab.

  • Module Developer

    @orakel U are using openhab2? The view file is in the directory …/html? I am sure its only a access problem.

  • hi tbbear.
    yes i am using openhab2 on a raspi2.
    the MMM-View.html is in the /html directory and the css dir is in the /html directory 2.
    both html file and the css directory are owner of the openhab user on the openhab2 server.
    wenn i open my MMM Sitemap within the PaperUI i can see my sitemap but at the top of it it says

    HTTP ERROR 404
    Problem accessing /static/MMM-View.html. Reason: Not Found

    i have to change to url in my config.js from http://… to http://… to see the Modul on the MagicMirror but i looks the same like in the paperUI view.

    white background… but i want it black with white fonts

    i tried to put the html file and the css directory into /icon/classic/ directory and changed the IP Adresse to localhost. i must do that for the Image Show in a sitemap. Now i have no errors viewing the Modul in the Mirror but it´s still white… like the sitemaps always shown in the paperUI from openhab2. But in the BasicUI view of the sitemap, if i move the mouse cursor to the top it appears that the localhost has refused the connection.

    i don´t know what i shoul do to get the modul working… still any ideas ?


  • Module Developer

    @orakel Can u try something: Replace the dir name ‘static’ in the files MMM-sitemap and in MMM-View with ‘html’

  • i did it before…it´s the same… i think i can´t use your module but i would like.
    is there anything else needed in openhab ? http binding ? web server ? anything else ?
    i tried to install another instance of MagicMirror on a WIndowsPC and its the same probleme here with the MMM-Openhab module so i think it´s an openhab problem

  • after updating my openhab server your module works !!! i am so happy that it works.
    but there is still one little problem, when i am using your MMM-View.html and your MMM-Style.css.
    when i open my sitemap in the paperui it looks like it should. with one word awesome.
    but in my magicmirror its still white.
    but when i am using the mystyle.css and DarkTheme.html it works in the MagicMirror too.
    i dont know how to insert the code … but i found them in an openhab forum.

  • Hello,
    i tried this module today.

    Where is the example sitemap file after installing the module ?



  • Module Developer

    @LordMM Hi Jürgen, looks like you speak german. Also das Beispiel ist in der readme mehr ist nicht nötig. Gruß Robert