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what mic?

  • I bought this, it said effective above 1 meter, well it only works out to 1 meter, anyone have one that will work across the room? Say 15-20ft.

  • I don’t have one, but this Hufear USB mic at Amazon claims a range of 10 ft, and the MXL AC-404 claims 25 feet.

    There are different types of mics, but I imagine you’re looking for an omnidirectional, boundary (sits on a flat surface) mic. You may also want to consider esthetics/appearance, depending on where you decide to place your mic.

    You might also consider mic placement; there’s nothing that says the mic must be placed with your mirror. It will depend on your mirror, walls, and furniture, but you could run a wire to a more equidistant point for better audio (even having it recessed in a frame could create a too-narrow aperture for the mic).

  • I am looking for a far field mic, too.
    I just googled a little bit and this one should be very good:
    It detects your voice from 360° and the review are good as well. Maybe its also possible to install it on top or under your mirror so it will be hidden. Unfortunately its a little bit expensive.

    I also heard, that the PS3 eye camera got a far field mic build in and it works out of the box on a raspberry:

    In some cases it could be, that USB mic’s got a little more latency…

    Anyhow, i would appreciate to hear what mic u buy and maybe u can give a little review ^^

  • I took the end off the one I have and removed the cloth on the end of the element. Now it will detect about 14ft. across the room. But I have to raise my voice a bit. There is 7 holes in the end cap. Im going to see if I can drill out and replace and see what that does.
    I have everything sitting next to my entertainment center right now, it picks up words from the tv, sometimes it knows what it is saying and other it doesnt. I plan to move it across the room when its all done, and that will end up about the same distance on the other side of the room.
    I will add to this if I end up purchasing another.

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    @cruunnerr said in what mic?:

    In some cases it could be, that USB mic’s got a little more latency

    I can confirm this. I’ve been doing a lot of voice work recently and there is a noticeable lag when using a USB microphone. If you’re using a Pi then you don’t have any choice but to use USB. 😕

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