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Clean operating system?

  • Okay so i know i’m super picky here, but I really want some sort of clean system to run magic mirror. My goal is to only have the magic mirror application on the system and no other gui components. Does anyone know how i can achieve this?

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    @chaseb1357 I believe it’s possible to run Magic Mirror on Raspbian Lite (i.e.: without the Desktop GUI), but you need to use a different browser than Electron. There are a few hoops to jump through though… search the forum for people who’ve gotten Magic Mirror to run on a Pi Zero or an Asus Tinkerboard.

    All that said, I’m not sure you’re really going to realize a noticeable performance gain, and you might even run into problems later since you wouldn’t be using the typical install. I tried to do something similar with my mirror the first time I tried Magic Mirror. While I still used Raspbian desktop, I went through a process of stripping out things I thought I wouldn’t need. It caused more headaches than I can count and I ended up reformatting and going with the standard Raspbian Desktop install.

    The compromise I eventually came to was to hide as many visual traces of Raspbian Desktop as possible, without actually uninstalling anything. I turned off pretty much everything on the taskbar and made the colour transparent, and turned off all desktop icons. The last bit was to replace the standard background with the Magic Mirror boot screen image. Now whenever I start up the mirror, the only trace of the actual desktop is the start button that only is visible for a few moments before Electron starts.

    Here’s what my desktop looks like when Magic Mirror isn’t running. The only giveaway is the small raspberry icon in the bottom left corner.


  • @j.e.f.f Okay thats a possible solution, maybe i should have explained myself better. I currently have a couple people who want me to build them a magic mirror, so im just looking for a way to keep them from snooping around the system. Plus i’m a minimalist at heart.

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    Funny j.e.f.f., I used very much the same approach. 🙂

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    @chaseb1357 Well as long as they don’t connect a keyboard and mouse the the Raspberry Pi, and if they don’t have the SSH password, there’s not much they can do. Maybe see if you can mount the raspberry pi inside a case that will block the USB ports.

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    Someone suggested this about a year ago, but I don’t think anyone has tried.

    But BENJA in theory might work:

  • @j-e-f-f: where I can download this wallpaper in better quality?

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    @Fifin404 no idea. I used the image as-is included in the MagicMirror project and just centred it as the background on Raspbian.
    Maybe contact @MichMich, the author of MagicMirror to see if he can provide you with a better quality version of the image.

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