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MM and UBUNTU. Made for each other.

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    @Mykle1 Nice Find! 🙂

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    I had version 18.xx installed, up and going just fine on my dev machine

    I am used to dealing with vulnerabilities, since I mainly work with Windows

    But, I just have my mindset to run npm audit fix --force & npm i lodash@4.17.5 -g & npm i acorn@^6.0.0 -g after every install of MM2. only takes a few minutes extra and it fixes all the vulnerabilities. Except for a few that come with some of the modules. With Ubuntu 18.xx, if I remember, I think just the npm audit fix --force was all I needed to do.

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    Yes, as I said, I too had ubuntu 18.xx and MM up and running. I just prefer NOT to deal with any vulnerabilities which 16.04 doesn’t have. I don’t know of any benefit to running 18.xx over 16.04 and, as I stated, I’m not a fan of the new UI in 18.xx. I ran MM over Windows when I first started. The disadvantages quickly became apparent. Hello-Lucy never would have happened if I didn’t leave Windows behind. I never looked back. 🙂

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    By popular demand

    Install ubuntu 16.04LTS (internet connection HIGHLY recommended)

    You MUST (check box) “Install 3rd Party Drivers” during installation

    Fully update the installation via the software manager after installation (It often needs to)

    Install node (includes npm) (I use node 8 )

    1. curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

    It will ask you if you want to install curl (gives you the command). Do so. Then run #1 again

    1. This will complete the installation of node and npm

    sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

    1. Check for success of node and npm installation in your terminal.

    runnode -v (this will show your version)
    run npm -v (this will show your version)

    Now install MM

    Run git clone in your terminal

    You may be asked to install git here. Do so. Use the command presented to you in the terminal

    Then run git clone again

    Then cd MagicMirror and run npm install

    Then run your mirror npm start