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[Enhancement] Translation system

  • Admin

    I’ve just finished the translation system which now includes core translations files and a solid fallback mechanism. This way your modules can benefit from existing translations (in the core translations files).

    All the translations used by the default modules are defined in the core translation files, making is easy to translate the core of the system. Of course, 3rd party modules should use their own translation files.

    The translation files can be found in /translations . Pull request with new or improved translations are more than welcome!

    Note: although comments are officially not supported in JSON files, MagicMirror allows it by stripping the comments before parsing the JSON file. Comments in translation files could help other translators.

    If you built your own module, and you run into translation strings from which the core system could benefit (generic texts), feel free to send a PR with updated translation files.

  • Admin

    Nice work! Thanks a lot! 😃

  • Nice Job!

    how to make a pull request?

  • Admin

    @Wilco89 It looks like you figured it out?

  • It says “finish translation system” but I can’t find any Finish translation.
    (sorry 😉 and thanks for the great work)

  • Admin

    @danito lol

  • I’ve updated fr.json file on my computer.
    I’m also trying to do it on github, but i’m total noob :p
    A little hint please ? I’ve tried to “pull” but not sure i’m doing it right.

  • Michael, I learned that the core translation file is small and already done for a bunch of languages. Should it be expanded in the future, I’d be glad to contribute to the Hungarian translation. I could not figure out in the forum how to get enlisted for such voluntary work, that’s why I write in this post.
    Cheers, György

  • @lx use github to fork the MM repo, then download your copy using git clone

    change/add whatever files need changing
    then use git status to see the changed/new files

    git add those files
    then use git commit -m " description" to save those files into the local git repo copy

    then use git push to send them to your fork on github

    then on github create a ‘pull request’ (to the dev branch) to tell Mich that you are offering changes

    if he approves, he will merge your changes

    i expect that you will not understand some of that… google is your friend, search out each step…

  • Sam, thanks for the instruction. You are right, I’m a total newbie here. But your sequence + google is good enough for a start. Cheers, György

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