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    @hein-jan said in MMM-EventHorizon:

    I am on Central European time.

    I went and got a url for Central European time. Replace line 41 in the MMM-EventHorizon.js file with the following line.

    iframe.src = "" + this.config.text1 + "/tac0ff/tpt" + this.config.endText1 + "/tpc0ff/mat" + this.config.text2 + "/mpt" + this.config.endText2 + "/mpc0ff/iso" + + "T" + this.config.time;

    This will only work when these two config.js options are as follows:

    module: 'MMM-EventHorizon',
                position: 'bottom_left',
                config: {
                    size: "medium", // small, medium or large
                    countUp: "yes", // yes or no (count up after timer is done)

    The other config options will work as intended

  • Mykle1

    Thanks for your reply and confirming that it is a time-zone issues.
    Instead of messing around with the code, I think I will simply off-set my event deadline time.
    That way I am at least robust against updates.
    Thanks for the work with the CET link.


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    You could do that or you could make it your own. Feel free to make any edits that please you. Ah, the beauty of open source. 🙂 Have fun.

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    Version 1.0.1

    Thanks to @spitzlbergerj for taking the initiative here. He posted an issue at the repo which included the modificatons so I wanted him to get the credit and my thanks.

    Now you can color text line by line AND use any city you like as the timezone.

    git pull or install as per the readme

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    Version update 1.0.2

    Added an option for unit designation

    1. No units
    2. D H M S
    3. Day Hr Min Sec
    4. Days Hrs Mins Secs
    5. Days Hours Minutes Seconds (Full names)

    Example of option 1 and 2

    0_1548380952908_Screenshot from 2019-01-24 19-13-00.png - 0_1548381184316_wert.png