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Basic 32" MM

  • I apologize, I don’t have too many pictures of the build. Here’s the final(ish) product:


    32" monitor, rpi3, TAPP plastics 3/8 2way

    3rd party modules used:

    • MMM-MyCommute
    • MMM-MyCalendar
    • MMM-RTSPStream
    • MMM-History
    • MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic
    • MMM-WunderGround

    One of the few pictures I took during the frame building process

    Monitor used ($99 at walmart)


    • On the top of the monitor (right side as it stands in portrait) the bezel covered some holes where the backlight shines through. Because the frame is cut at the physical edge on all sides, you can see it from the front (and also a little on the top). If I did it again I’d put a small strip on the inside so you can only see the usable screen space.
    • The flush VESA mount makes it very difficult to mount and secure on the wall. On this particular model the VESA mount is bolted on at the bottom of the monitor (on the left side as it stands). It mounts a little uneven because all the weight is on the left side.
    • Even with the thicker acrylic that I purchased, there is a slight funhouse mirror effect.
    • Still undecided about what to do with the power cord. I thought about notching the bottom, and also thought about putting an outlet passthrough behind it so it won’t be visible.

  • Very nice!
    I like the polished finished look to it.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Well done! 🙂

  • What cameras are you using? looks great!!

  • @cyberphox I used these from ebay, not bad especially if you can get them closer to $20

  • I Really like The Frame And The Module Setup
    Well Done 🙂

  • @maxbachmann said in Basic 32" MM:

    Module Setup

    very nice ,camera Module Setup very lovly would you share the config of them thanks

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