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When to turn mirror on and off?

  • Hi all,
    So just made my second mirror, this one is in the hall by our front door.

    I’m trying to think about when I want the mirror to be on/activated. Pretty sure there’s no need for it to be on all the time.

    I have a motion sensor in the hall so could trigger it from that easy enough but again there’s no need for it to turn on every time we walk through the hall.

    So …interested in how other people deal with this.

    Main purpose of the mirror is to display weather, maybe some calendar stuff kind of heading out the front door type stuff. Maybe some home automation info but primarily I think it’s for people either heading out or heading in rather than when we’re inside the house.


  • fun challenge… sorta need two sensors… one outside to detect coming in, and one inside to detect going out… that one inside needs a fast response time, as u need the info up long enough to be useful…

    I have my mirror using motion and wake up all the time on any motion… but have it on short sleep time (2 mins), so it goes to sleep fast… pi/sbc is still running, so at most you are saving a small amount of power for the monitor.

  • I have been thinking about this also over the past couple of days, you could add a camera for facial recognition. I think that’s what I’ll look into so that mine doesn’t turn all on all the time and display all my info.

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    Or, a voice command to wake the display (when in standby) and voice command to put the display into standby (when awake).

    Then, a voice command for each set of modules (pages). One page for each family member displaying their very own set of modules.

  • @mykle1 this would actually be a good module to add, I’ll look in to it, I’m taking the plunge this weekend finally to build one so I’ll see how it goes and report back.

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    Good luck, my friend. You will likely have some delay if you’re using a Pi. If you’re using something more robust than a Pi you will certainly have a better, more enjoyable experience. 🙂

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