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Introduce yourself!

  • Hi all,

    I’m Erik living in Holland and complete new to programming and the MagicMirror.

    I hope u all can help me alot… i will need that 😛

  • I’m Stéphane from Belgium (Flemmish part). Noob in RPi and MM but willing to learn. 🙂 My job is end user support for a international company, mainly Windows machines. Not building a Magic “Mirror” but it will be more something like a kiosk at home with some info for all house members (The Misses, the almost 3 year old girl and myself[47 years “old”). Still in discovery phase and looking at all modules that I could use. The spare time is filled with some nice motorbike rides in BE, NL or GER 🙂

  • Hello my name is Armando I’m from Chicago ILL and just now getting involved in the MM project. look forward to sharing my builds with you all in the future.

  • @darrene Bonjour! I really want to use Cortana for a magic mirror, I am thinking about a Windows iot MM but not sure if I should. You experience?

  • @Mayodewd No i’m not sorry total noob

  • Hello!

    I’m Chris. 25 male as of mid-May. Biochemist in the California Bay Area. Finally moving out on my own so I’ve been looking into furnishings. Since I’m still running stag I figured I should buy all the fun things I want now! I’d wanted a MM when I saw that first one on Reddit but didn’t have funds or reason to make one. Buzzedly bought a Pi3 yesterday so I guess we’re going through with it.

    Very little experience with electronics. I used to build unmanned aerial video platforms (aka drones) as a hobby but that’s a totally different ballgame. I’m a homebrewer with the intention of building myself a four-tap kegerator sometime this or next year. I think it would be cool if I can figure out a way to get my MM to talk to a BrewPi so I can monitor stuff like that from there.

    I’m trying to go through all the top posts here and I’m learning a lot! I think. It all seems straight forward, I just need to figure out what I want. I think for starters it’ll just be a novelty/showoff item for my apartment as I don’t particularly need any of the modules in my current daily life. We’ll see once I actually build it all.

    I think eventually it would be really cool if I could control most of my home network from this mirror. This might be a step into me looking more into HestiaPi. I have to build a home network first though…

    Lastly, why are so many posts deleted? It seems like every other post on here is marked as deleted!

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    We do see a lot of spam bots posting rubbish on the forum. These posts are deleted. Otherwise we don’t delete posts very often

  • @yawns Awesome, good to know. Thanks for being active and keeping the forum clean!

  • Hi there guys, I’m 0livia from Hungary and sometimes London. 🙂 I work in the Automotive industry. My hobby is basically computers, but also like playing on instruments like sax, guitar and piano.
    I like this project and, I have already started to build my smart mirror, It is hanging on the wall now without the mirror 🙂 still waiting for the glass… You are guys awesome!

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