First MagicMirror

  • @delightedCrow It looks so incredible! Well done 🙂
    I will try that myself. It looks super cool 🙂

    Many greetings from hamburg,

  • @delightedCrow I would really like to know how you got the API. The description is too hard to get for me… I guess.

    @Community: Do you guys have any idea?

    I am planning to show a collection of pictures from the keyword search of my village. Therefore I would really like to know how to implement the modules as well as configuring the module on how to show only images of a certain keyword.

    Hopefully someone can help. 🙂

    Kind regards from hamburg,


  • for the random, this routine from the MMM-ImagesPhotos module is an example
    the images are in an array. the WallberryTheme gets one pic at a time from the server side…

    randomIndex: function(photos) {
    		if (photos.length === 1) {
    			return 0;
    		var generate = function() {
    			return Math.floor(Math.random() * photos.length);
    		var photoIndex = generate();
    		this.lastPhotoIndex = photoIndex;
    		return photoIndex;

  • Module Developer

    @paulb Thanks for the kind comments!
    As for your question, there are two different ways I can think of to solve your question using the WallberryTheme:

    Method 1:

    Create your own Unsplash collection and add all of the pictures of your village that you want displayed to this collection. Then all you have to do is add this Unsplash collection ID to the module config section for the WallberryTheme (see the module docs here for an example of how to set up the config file with collections).

    Doing it this way means you’d have to curate your own photos instead of doing a keyword search, but you wouldn’t have to edit the WallberryTheme module code.

    Method 2:

    Edit the WallberryTheme module code so that when it sends a photo request to Unsplash it uses the query parameter to filter random photos by your search term. So at about the line of code here you’d probably want to change it to something like: "&query=mysearchkeyword" .

    I haven’t tested this method and the Unsplash docs are light on details, so you’d probably have to do some tinkering to figure out if it’ll work the way you want.

    Hope one of these helps 🙂

  • @delightedCrow Thank you for your fast response. 🙂
    I will try Method 1 as suggested.

    Seriously, this module enables you to have your own art gallery at home. How awesome is that?! 🙂

  • @delightedCrow seriously… this is the most awesome module I 've come across until now.

    I installed it this morning and it brings me so much joy.

    delightedCrow thank you very much for sharing this. It’s super cool 🙂

  • @community I would like to recommend black&white pictures or slidly darker pictures. Otherwise you will have some difficulties with the original font. The standard MM font throws shadows on light wallpapers.

    Kind regards from hamburg 🙂