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Wifi-power socket

  • Dear Community,

    does anyone have experience with wifi-power socktes?

    I would like to control my MM via the remote module to shut off the raspberry pi and in addition via a wifi- power socket to shut down the monitor via my mobile phone.

    Does anyone have a good recommendation regarding wifi-powersockets?

    My requirements are:

    • EU standard compatible
    • small

    As always I am looking forward to your feedback.

    Many greetings from hamburg,

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    @paulb - I don’t have specific recommendations, but I can offer a technique. I put a small power strip inside my mirror that powers the Pi, monitor, and LED accent lights. The cord to the power strip is plugged into a smart outlet, which I can access via Alexa or the mobile app. One command shuts off the power strip and anything plugged into it.

    I think I’m using a WeMo smart plug, but I have like five different brands in the house.

  • @bhepler good idea! I guess that will be my christmas gift to myelf 😃

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    If you’re thinking about how much power you use… The screen uses ~0.5W in stand-by and the Pi averages around 3W. A smart outlet uses ~2W. So there’s not much to save.

    I would leave it on 24/7 and focus on on putting the screen into stand-by mode as often as possible, as that is where the real savings are.

  • Do not forget:

    The Wifi Power socket itself consumes about 1-2W

    I have many of these ^^
    You can reduce it by updating the sockets with alternative firmware, but it still consumes 0,5-1W

    Just to let you know 😉

  • Why would you want to power it off?

    As others stated these Wi-Fi sockets almost use as much energy as the Pi.
    Also, how would you power on the Pi after shutting down?

    I don’t think this is a good idea either. This device should be powered on 24/7 so you can use it anytime you want. Powering ON/OFF can reduce the SD card life (during boot and post-boot it not only reads the SD but writes some log and other data to it), can make it much more difficult to use the MagicMirror, etc…
    It is better if you control the screen remotely. Like sending a command to the Pi to ‘power off’ the HDMI port, so the screen should go to standy.

    Anyway if you want a Wi-Fi plug, then I can recommend this one. It is small, has power meter, etc… However it is available for delivery in January.

    However, I would love to see your ‘why’ would you want to do this. I have several RPi running in my house, each has it’s own purpose, but I wouldn’t turn off either of them… It just makes it more complicated, then what you can spare on this.

  • Wifi plug won’t shut down the pi correctly and could corrupt the sd card, i thought about that then went for a switch as you can shut down and boot up the correct way, especially if the pi locks up for some reason

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    No need for this. The Pi can shut down your display and power it up for you with CEC commands. (on power ON, your Pi shoudl already do this automatically, but you’ll need to install libCEC to get it to turn it off.) Maybe have a shell script that executes when the pi’s shutdown command is executed to shut down the TV before the Pi shuts down.

    By having CEC installed, you can also do things like shutdown the display when you’re alseep, say between the hours of 1 AM and 5AM using a cron task, and you can hook it up with a motion sensor to turn on the screen when motion is detected.

    No need for an expensive, and potentially insecure WiFi power switch to do this.

  • Dear @j-e-f-f , thank you for your recommendation.
    I was figuring out how to put everything in stand by mode so my screen would be active when I am sleeping ( have it hanging in my sleepingroom).

    Dear @radokristof , thank you very much for your reply.
    I did not figured out then 😃 I will try your solution whith powering off the HDMI port.

    Anyway guys, thank you for your interesting replies.

    Kind regards 🙂

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