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Help needed please

  • OK so (as my son would call me) I’m a total Newbie when it come to all this, iv never done anything thing like this before iv never even touched a pi before unless it had a filling.

    So far iv downloaded (manual installation) MagicMirror2 and MMM-AssistantMk2 and that’s as far as iv got, I’m guessing I’m a little out of my depth.

    Is there any guides about to help people like me remembering that I know NOTHING, I’m ok with all the electronic side of things it’s just the software iv not got a clue sorry to say.

    I have looked about but most of everything I’m finding is about installing not modding or adding modules so Any help would be great


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    I can tell you with complete honesty (and a huge dose of humility) that I was just like you 2 years ago when I discovered this forum and this project. No prior coding experience, didn’t know what a Pi was, etc. . but I assure you, you can do it. It seems overwhelming and may be slow going at first, even maddening at times but you will get it and it will give you a great deal of self-satisfaction. I promise! 👍

    Now, there are many people here who enjoy helping others. I am one of them. You will meet many of them, depending on your time here. Ok, lets get started.

    1. Do you have MagicMirror up and running? If not, we need to know any errors you’ve encountered.

    2. If you’re getting the infamous “Create a config” error we need to know that.

    3. What type of modding are you referring to? Using the forums search can yield you tons of information.

    4. Adding modules (once you have MM up and running? Here is a guide for that.

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    @jmh474 first get a working config and make a backup 😉

    THEN add a module and run the mirror. If you have a problem then you know it’s the module you just added. Also config files can get large so use a place like to keep it looking pretty…

  • Thanks for the reply, so iv go the mm running, using the test config file, iv all so changed the wireless settings so it doesn’t turn off, iv deleted the compliment part of the code, I was going to use the test config and adjust for my needs and try to learn the basics of coding well try

    I’ll jump straight on the links you provide thanks

  • @mykle1 fantastic walk through, thanks for that link to your post, a lot of information I needed to start me on my way

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    Thank you, mate. I’m glad that was helpful. Enjoy the process and the learning. It really is a lot of fun. If you encounter any problems or have other questions, feel free to post. Don’t forget the forum search feature. You can often find what you’re looking for there.

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