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raspberry-pi alternatives

  • maybe a lame question, but i am not a coder or have that much linux experience, so I would like to know if it is possible to use any stronger alternative to raspberry-pi? If so, what do I have to be careful about and how whould I go about setting it up?

    thank you for your help.

  • Think most of it isnt Raspberry Pi specific so an alternative like Udoo or Hummingboard shouldnt be impossible.

    The most you need is Debian and NodeJS

    Please correct me if im wrong 🙂

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    That kind of depends what you intend to do. Basically you can use every box (spare laptop, full workstation, small devices like raspberry, …) running Windows, Linux or MacOS.
    However the raspberry is strong enough for most users, so I’m curious why you are asking for a stronger alternative.
    Don’t be to anxious about Linux, once you setup your magicmirror you don’t have to twiddle around with Linux all day long.

  • well i need it to display images and videos, but it has to be smooth … now when display full-hd video on rpi-3 it gets laggy …

  • and thanks for your answers … i was actually looking at a few options:

    • intel nuc (maybe a bit too strong)
    • banana-pi

    one thing also that i did not mention was an option to connect a wifi antenna for better signal, since the rpi 3 is boxed aluminium frame and so the wifi signal is compromised.

  • banana-pi kinda allergic towards Allwinner SoC would rather choose the nuc saves a person from alot of headaches when it comes to OpenGL and Hardware Acceleration.

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    @papak69 An easy solution to the WiFi signal is to buy a USB extension or flush-mount kit. You can mount the extension to the outside of your frame and plug the WiFi adapter in there, where it will be unencumbered by the aluminum.

  • Edit: wtf - again it posts on a wrong thread…

    Edit2: To say something constructive: I’ve also expierenced some performance issues, I have an ISS livestream on my mirror, also one of the SERENE and a live windprofile of european temp&wind conditions. Sometimes its a little bit laggy - in background there are wheater forecast, wheater now, wunderlist with 1 list as to do and one included in calendar, calendar himself use 7 different links, 4 newsfeeds and last but not least my traffic forecast. So I’m not wondering about that 🙂 - most of the time its no problem, just have a look if its swapping - than a reload of the mirror will help (pm2 reload mm).

  • thanks guys, I will investigate a bit more … udoo looks promising.

    @bhepler what do you mean with flush mount kit? any link for that?

    @tajno true … i have 2 calendars, weather + forecast, stocks, random image & newsflash + the rpi camera motion sensor … but would hate to remove any of it for sake of more speed …

  • @papak69

    Another way would be to use the servermode - Than add a chromecast to your mirror/screen and open it in a browser with F11 as fullscreen.

    Works pretty nice, I’m thinking about to made a hosting on my root servers and provide it over this way to my friends with limited technical knowledge (GIT & Puppet). Is my next project - but first I have to end this one, I’m building a new frame :).

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